How I Met Your Mother - Season Premiere

I did not see a thread on this yet, Anyone else watch? I thought the Marshall/Lily zombie parent stuff was a little lame and the joke wore thin quickly, but by the end I was glad to see they were starting to wrap things up already.

Yeah, the Marshall/Lily running gag went on far too long. The two minute Barney drill was pretty well done. Now we just need to get rid of the unlikeable Quinn and Victoria characters and wrap this puppy up. For what it’s worth, I thought The Mother had pretty chunky legs and looked like a fifty year old body, not a twenty-something.

Yes! First thought I had when she stepped out of the taxi, was, “Hmmm… the mom already has cankles.”

Something just seemed a little… off. The pacing, the timing, whatever… It just didn’t feel like their best work by any stretch.

That said, some decent bits. Barney’s one-minute summary of essentialy the entire show to this point was a stitch, and I enjoyed Ted’s scenes with Klaus. (Thomas Lennon is always great!)

But, though I like the actress who plays Victoria, that whole storyline is simply a waste of time, and I’m sick to death of people being left at the altar. It’s a stupid cliche that hardly ever actually happens, and they’ve already done it twice, and flirting with a third. Ugh!

I predict this season won’t be a good one. The show is ending and the creative staff will be busy looking for their next projects. The baby will be a major distraction and ruin Lilly and Marshall as a characters, we already know there’s a Barney and Robin wedding looming, and no actress can fulfill the built up expectations of Ted’s kid’s mother. But then I’m cycnical old fart so I’m also predicting doom and gloom. On average this was a reasonable episode, but for a season opener, especially the final season opener, it was kind of weak.

Lynsey Fonseca could totally nail it.

Someone mentioned that in another thread. I’d go along with that, except it’s not her. And it’s a little creepy.

“The Mother” hasn’t been cast yet. It could end up being me in a wig for all the rest of the world knows. There’s no reason it couldn’t be Lynsey Fonseca other than…

I was led to believe she was cast, and appeared in an episode already. That doesn’t make it so, which is an unfortunate feature of the universe.

Natalie Portman could certainly do it. Ditto Mila Kunis, Scarlett Johansson and Emily Blunt.

Agreed. I honestly think Lynsey Fonseca vs “bigtime movie actress” are the only options the producers have left. Anyone else would be seen as a letdown.

Agreed. Barney’s summation and the Thomas Lennon’s monologue were the only good parts of the premiere. Quinn and Victoria can’t get ejected from the storyline fast enough. And gosh, you guys are tough. I didn’t even notice the bad ankles. Her music cue was pretty good.

I started off kinda liking Quinn, but she has anti-grown on me. Perhaps it’s a combination of knowing she’s not the future Mrs. Stinson and that she keeps dumping Barney only to take him back.

I like Victoria, but knowing she has a shelf life of less than one year, makes me want to see her leave soon, too.

And have a running joke about how much she and her daughter look alike. This show could pull that off. :slight_smile:

I missed the season premiere - I’ll have to watch it online.

Wow - most unflattering chestal area on a wedding gown EVER! Holy crap, my husband has bigger boobs than Robin did in that dress!

The “baby makes you retarded for some reason” thing was annoying, as was Quinn’s bizarre over-reaction to the fact that Barney and Robin used to date (did she think Barney was a virgin?). But the Ted and Barney bits were still funny.

Sadly, assuming the woman at the train station is really the Mother, it seems like my dream of it being Patrice (Robin’s hated co-worker) are dead.

I think they have committed to making meeting the mother the end of the show so it doesn’t really matter who plays her. If they went a different route and had Ted meet her and have her become a member of their group, it would be different.

Show seems to be running out of steam. Quin is annoying. You let other men stare at you nude for a living and yet you are pissed that Barney, who has slept with half of the city, had a thing with Robin (who has slept with 2/3 of the male cast)?

If they go for a meet in last one or two episodes then yes they need a big name movie actress. If it’s midseason and they meet then they need someone who has a good TV resume and is young. Who could that be?

I think Katie Holmes is the biggest name to guest star thus far.

Not that I have much love for Quinn, but I think the main reason she’s pissed is that Barney felt it necessary to hide his relationship with Robin from Quinn. I would certainly think, “why hide from me if there’s nothing left between you two?”