How I Met Your Mother 5/16/11

Ted still doesn’t meet the mother, but at least we know

He’ll be the best man at Barney’s wedding.

And Lily’s barfing was great.

New mystery? Accepted!

As soon as Lily started barfing, I knew she was pregnant.

Same here. Any other episode, I probably wouldn’t, but the season finale made it obvious.

Also, I called that the mother would be Barney’s sister, and they would meet at Barney and Robyn’s wedding. So far, I’m 1/3rd right.

Please please please let Marshall get the job working for Dave Foley.

I knew it would be Barney’s wedding instead of Ted’s high school friend’s, but I didnt think the reveal would come this soon.

Barney getting married seems like an oxymoron, but we knew he’d have to settle down enough to be called “uncle Barney” eventually…

EDIT: during the episode there was a previe for a new movie Bad Teacher. I think I’ll watch it just because of marshal…

I’d be shocked if you weren’t at least 2/3 right so far.

Ive got to say I’m really hoping Robin doesn’t marry Barney. After what happened last time they dated…

Then again, “a short while later” implies whoever Barney marries, it happens soon. Which would make more sense with Robin, as he already is close to her.

“And kids, that’s how I met your mother … PSYCHE!”

There’s “challenge accepted” girl - although that’s a little too obvious for this show (but I can’t see Barney and Robin getting married “a short while later” - maybe eventually, but not quickly).

Not really. Plenty of people have their kids refer to their close friends as “uncle” or “aunt”.

Great episode. I loved Marshall preparing for the interview.

Yeah. Marshal and Lily have been Uncle Marshal and Aunt Lily since early in the show’s run. And Robin has been Aunt Robin since the first episode.

Would’ve been a better gag if we didn’t already know that he meets her at a wedding.

No, I get THAT… But if Barney was still the womanizing, partying bastard he is now in 2030, I doubt Ted would bring him into his kids’ lives.

I find that extremely hard to believe. First off, Barney has toned it down considerably in the last few years, and second, Ted’s not that big of an asshole. Barney may be an inappropriate guy at times, but he’s not tonedeaf. Barney’s brother has no problem with him around his kid, and we’ve seen how easily Barney melts at the site of him.

Barney as the groom was an interesting reveal. I don’t say surprising because they’ve been setting him up all season to be more sensitive and human. I wouldn’t have guessed that Barney would get married before Ted, though. I wonder how whiny and dramatic Ted will be about it…

I think we’ll hear a lot of sentences that start with “It’s just not fair ya know, I spent my whole life…and he…”
For some reason, I picture him sounding a lot like Wilson from House.

Screw Ted - I think one of the most remarkable things about this show is how well it’s done considering Ted is pretty unlikable and Josh Radnor kinda sucks.

Still, I think Barney will end up with Robin, not only because of the “Uncle Barney/Aunt Robin” thing, but also because, in the end, HIMYM is a pretty sappy ‘true love wins’ kind of show.


Barney’s buying the cow when he has a whole milk shop for free?

That’s legendairy.

Agreed. Ted is incredibly annoying. He hasn’t been interesting since the first season trying to get Robin. Now he’s this immature petulant man-child that constantly whines about everything.