"How I Met Your Mother" [final season]

Anyone else still watching?

“Lady Tedwina Slowsby” - heh.

Did anyone else watch the second episode first because they didn’t know there was going to be two episodes on tonight so they just played the first HIMYM at the top of the list on their TiVo?

No? Just me? Ok.

Nope, I watched both. They were funny again - yay!

Here’s a YouTube video of Ted’s kids finally losing it after eight years of this story.

There were two episodes?

I am so relieved they’re integrating the Mother directly into the stories so we can get to know her, even though the actual meeting will likely be the end of the series. We’re circling it like a drain.

Plus she was really good, even if she does look rather too much like Alyson Hannigan (In fact she kind of looks like all four main characters in Charmed combined into one person).

I didn’t expect the second episode (didn’t look at the guide closely), glad I kept watching. Note carefully that the mother is still unnamed.

Can the mother meet / interact with anyone else before Ted? I suppose they could while Ted is off doing best man stuff.


She met/interacted with Lily on the train the whole way up to Farhamton.

The mother is as cute as button. Some good moments, but as much as I like Wayne Brady the role as Barney’s brother is just too unbelievable. I like the little touches like the Minnesota accent of the airport counter lady.

You’re leaving it a bit late to complain about that, he’s been established as his half-brother since 2006.

And he’s been in [checks IMDB] 5 episodes, so it was nothing new to see him. Also, he’s sung on the show before, so that’s been established.

I know but to me it was always just an excuse to get him on the show and was just silly, just as “The Stinson’s” episode with Barney’s make believe family was just silly.

Sitcom logic. Best not looked at too closely.

Did someone say in one of last year’s threads that this season is going to end with Barney and Robin’s wedding? At one point last night, we were 55 hours from the wedding. So are we going to spend twenty episodes on basically two days?

That’s what I read in the paper yesterday, yes.

I really hope not, but it sure does seem that way. Ted sure is getting more annoying, not sure how the hell that happened. Barney is still as awesome as ever though.

I don’t see any Holly Marie Combs there. (If, however, you can direct me to any actresses who kind of look like Holly Marie Combs, I’ll start watching their shows as soon as possible.) But, yes, when I first saw Cristin Milioti on 30 ROCK, I thought she was Alyssa Milano; and that, yes, she can bug her eyes out for good effect like a perky Rose McGowan.

I admit she was my outlier. As for lookalikes, she’s not an actress but check out nerdy Veronica Belmont.

I think she looks like a cross between Sarah Silverman and a less-neurotic Kate Micucci. I kind of like her, and that’s something, because I loathe Once and that’s quite a deficit to overcome.