The How I Met Your Mother end of season 9 thread

There are plenty of HIMYM threads, but none seemed appropriate.
I don’t think it is worth having one thread per episode, but I figured we could have a thread for the rest of the season.

Here is an episode list for season 9:

I’m really surprised there has been no talk about the names of the kids (Penny and Luke)

And we find out what Barney does (PLEASE - Provide Legal Exculpation And Sign Everything) becoming the legal fall guy for GNB. But it turns out he is a mole.

Next episode is 200 - “How Your Mother Met Me”


Interesting, I figured him meeting the mother would be at the very end.

This season feels too drawn out so far, although I enjoyed this weeks episode.

PS, your name suggests you are fine, upstanding young man. :smiley:


There’s no reason to think we’ll actually be shown them meeting.

I know others are excited about the names, and there’s discussion on other boards and such - but I honestly don’t care. I assume “Luke” is a Star Wars reference, and no clue what the Penny name is about.

I was half-afraid he was going to be GNB’s Fredo. Good to know he was just supposed to be the Fall Guy.

Also, I wouldn’t call him a mole. Being a mole is just a side-effect ofr his true purpose:


Seriously, dude. Don’t piss him off.

This week’s episode showed Luke (the younger Mosby child) being born in 2017. Meanwhile the flash forward scenes from the early seasons show the children being told the story in 2030 and, as I remember, the son looks older than 13.

It is interesting that Barney’s job basically involves not having to do anything but sign documents. Makes you wonder what he does at his desk all day. Maybe he posts here? :wink:

In an earlier episode Ted talks about an old penny he found that he credits for a long chain of events that caused him to miss an interview which he initially thought was a Very Bad Thing, but Future Ted realizes that would have had him relocate to Chicago and thus would never have met the mother, so the penny turned out to be very lucky. It makes sense then that he would name his daughter Penny.

Good reason for “Penny”, Mauvaise

I’m guessing the mother will meet Ted, but not vice versa, in episode 200.
somebody will say “that’s Ted, the best man” but Ted will be across the room or something.

just a guess


Thanks, Mauvaise.

My guess is that it’ll just be a series of events where the mother had near misses with Ted, and it leads up to her being on that train platform.

Maybe it’ll be a “Haaaaaaaave you met Ted?” introduction. "D

I like the explanation for Penny, Mauvaise.

The past episode with truth serum drunk was the best of the season so far.

I didn’t catch the girl’s name … I like the “Ted’s penny” explanation. I also assumed Luke was just a Star Wars reference.

I had a moment of outrage this past week when they showed the flash-forward to 2017 and I assumed (briefly) that this was supposed to be the first pregnancy–when it had already been established that Penny was an infant at the 2015 Star Wars Marathon. But they fixed that, and I decided not to be mad. :slight_smile:

Loved the reveal on Barney’s job–some of these things, I really have to wonder how much of it has been planned for years and how much they managed to retcon into existing parameters.

The actors were 17 and 15 during the filming of the storytelling scenes. Which makes Hollywood sense for the 15 and 13 they were supposed to be.

I’ve enjoyed the new season. It’s not as funny as the show was in the early seasons, but there’s enough laughs that I enjoy watching it (as compared to last season, where I basically just put it on as something to make noise while I fold laundry).

I think the new format was a good idea. It gets a bit stretched sometimes, but it gives the writers something new to work with, which after nine seasons, is pretty much a necessity.

I liked the reveal that Barney, king of the long-con, has basically had his entire persona and career since before the show began be part of one long revenge plot.

And I’m probably more amused by the “ring bear(er)” schtick then I should be.

I was amused that “Drunk Enough to Make Plans With Strangers” Barney is basically the story of how he met Ted.

Of course, the Econ class.
The preview for next week was cut off so I missed it.

So Robin’s mom hasn’t checked in - guessing there is more to that.


The preview was cut off for me too in the Mountain time zone. They VO’d an intro for it and then previewed “The Crazy Ones.” I may have used a bad word.

Sweet episode. Was that really the mother singing at the end? Pretty voice.

A really good episode. I would have liked even more from her point of view.

I’ve also ended up listening to about six different versions of “La Vie En Rose” on YouTube :slight_smile:

Cristin Milioti’s a Broadway star. She was also really playing that ukulele.

In one of the first episodes of the season, Robin’s mom called her and said she wasn’t coming.