Let's Pit Hurricane Ditka -- He's an Incontinent Liar

I’m sure there are already Pit threads about the nauseating dolt named Hurricane. But he deserves to have the whole BBQ Pit filled with odes to his pretensions, hypocrisies, stupidities, and Blatant Lies.

It seems fair to call This latest excrement from Hurricane Ditkshit’s barfhole a lie. This pathetic excuse for a citizen excerpted from this Wikipedia page. (No, I don’t read Wiki on a smartphone — the link is from Ditkshit, who likes the ‘.m’ Wiki because it uses simpler English.) I’ve posted much of the relevant paragraph and highlighted a key clause in Blue. Ditkshit posted only the clause that I’ve shown in Red (with a " …" appended). (The full sentence with the Red clause is a fancy way of saying the tax plan was a transfer from the poor to the rich.)

Compare the Blue sentence and the full sentence from which the Liar showed only the Red part to see that Ditkshit has completely reversed the meaning. He pulls crap like this all the time.

Could Ditkshit really be so stupid as to think a paragraph about a deficit increase could be about a deficit decrease? Maybe. OTOH, we’ve witnessed him correcting arithmetic errors in the posts of his fellow right-wing morons. So, based on this and other posts where he pretends to be innumerate — for example not understanding that some stats should be normalized (e.g. made “per capita”) to be useful, when the absolute number helps his argument. (The Federal budget really has grown since the time of Washington, hunh. :smack: ) — I think he’s just a cowardly liar.

He plants these dishonest turds the same way a badly-trained toddler might lay a turd on a carpet and look around for approval. That incontinent toddler isn’t allowed to vote — would it be “elitist” for me to say that allowing fetid scum like Ditkshit to vote is a big part of America’s political problem?

He got a Mod Note for the LIE, not even a Warning. I think if one of the Board’s rational thinkers had foisted such a deliberate lie they might get Suspended but the Board is so desperate for diversity it lets this filthy excuse for a human being post on.

For me this was a turd too far; I’m afraid that now I’ll exercise the I***re option on Hurricane Ditka.

Assholes like him are why I seldom post on the SDMB anymore.

There is already a 14 page active pit thread of him. https://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=846268

^^^ That. ^^^

I’ve already got him on ignore. I thought this was something new.

No, it doesn’t. If you are going to use such a weak jab as disparaging someone reading Wikipedia on a cell phone, at least make sure that you know what the hell you are talking about.

No, the text is exactly the same between the page with .m in the url. The M stands for Mobile and those pages take the wiki pages and displays them in a way that’s easier to work with on a small screen. There’s no difference in the text itself. It’s just the UI. Nobody edits all of wiki so that every page uses differently language depending on which format it uses for display.

HurricaneDitka is a mess, though.

And there is a Simple Language Wikipedia. But that has nothing to do with the mobile version. en.m.wikipedia.org the standard Wikipedia page/site formatted to be more mobile friendly.

I realize the title of the thread is technically correct (“The best kind of correct!”) but each time I read it, I think of HD having to hurry to the restroom to tell the guy next to him some confabulation.

Ah, good: I wasn’t the only person that had that old Python sketch come to mind, then.