Lets post what we remember of each year of our lives

I think it wold be interesting to see what dopers remember about each year.

So, lets start with 1983, the first year I remember (older dopers are encouraged to post so we can see different takes on earlier years).

I was 5, I was in kindergarten, My family had a black & white TV and a Renault 9 was our car, I had one sister who I hated because she kept destroying the towers I built with wooden blocks.

I remember the Malvinas/Falklands war vaguely, I think I remember donating the cookies I brought to school for the soldiers in the war (we later learned that none of that reached them).

Nevermind. I’m not really clear on what the OP wants.

I read what you posted in the subscription email (sent before you edited it), what I wanted was to post diferent years of the lives of dopers and compare them, for example my '83 with your '83, your 1974 with somebody else’s '75 and so on, ideally we would start with the earlier year the oldest doper can remember and wait until everybody who remembered that year posted, before moving to the next year. Since that would be very complex I decided to post 1983, as the first year I remember.
We should finish 1983 (lets get 5 or 6 posts per year at least) and then we can select another year to continue.

Okay, '83. I turned 12 that year, and two things leap to mind that happened near my birthday:

  1. Return of the Jedi was released. After three agonizing years, the wait was over!

  2. A friend of the family was pregnant, and the due date was near my birthday. Their family did one of those pools, where people put money in a jar and guessed the date and time the baby would be born. I used my own for my guess: June 12th at 6:30 AM. The kid was born on the 11th at 11:00 PM, and I won the pot.

1983… in grad school in Michigan. Living in a big old house with a bunch of cool people. In the early stages of a relationship with a woman I would end up living with for five years.

1983… I was born. I don’t remember a damn thing. Come on, people! Stop being all old!

1983 - I was 29, divorced, living in a small apartment in a house in northeast Baltimore, Maryland. I was working as a customer service manager in the printing business and playing guitar and singing at The Horse You Came In On saloon in Fells Point. The Orioles won the World Series that year, and I attended the first game of the series. Sorry olives.

1983 - Graduated highschool in the spring (in a tiny rural town in northern Maine); partied, drank, smoked, waterskiied, drove fast, did stupid things all summer; and headed off to the big University (in a slightly larger rural town in mid-Maine) in the fall.

If you look up “Young and Stupid” in the dictionary, it says, “See Jack circa 1983.”

Those were the days.

1983 … I turned 13. I had my first date and first kiss that year - my boyfriend used to play Lionel Ritchie albums when he was being romantic. I bought my first album (on CrO2 cassette), Synchronicity by the Police. My friends and I loved Duran Duran and The Outsiders and we collected posters of those guys from magazines like Teen Beat.

Got married. We were living in a crappy little apartment, but I got my first job in data processing. I coded in assembler. The economy really started to take off, so we were saving up for a house.


1983: God had begun his seven years of planning for my birth.

1983 was a two-chapter experience: graduating high school and entering college.

High schhool: finally made the baseball team after being cut the previous three years.

Had the hots for a girl the whole school year who I am now sure felt the same about me, but I found whatever convenient reason to not ask her out because I was afraid of the rejection. :mad:

Then mom’s boyfriend’s daughter seduced me, took my virginity and the sex continued until she moved away to live with her husband. :eek:

Watched a lot of MTV: Motels, Def Leppard & Berlin. The Lakers got trounced by Philly in the Finals. Stayed home way too many Friday nights – mostly because my friends all discovered alcohol and I wasn’t into it. Then I got drunk for the first time after we lost in the regional playoffs. Wow, was that fun!

Then to community college in September where I actually discovered The Beatles. Had a massive crush on a girl in my weight training class. She rejected me. :frowning:

But I still had a ton of fun. I sold programs at the Rose Parade on Jan. 1, 1984 for a fundraiser as a member of the college baseball team.

1983? I had returned from my California excursion and was going back to college.

1983 – my second oldest graduated from high school. I was working for a non-profit legal services agency in Seattle. Reagan was President and things weren’t going well for poor people. (Nothing’s changed there!)

1983 - Living in Hollywood, going to school, waitressing at HoJo’s on Hollywood and Vine. Living with crappy abusive boyfriend, spending time off at museums and movies. Didn’t own a working car (thanks to aforementioned crappy boyfriend), losing my enthusiasm about everything but reading and walking long distances. 21 years old.

1983 - I remember a local NBC affiliate having a special on TV devoted to the upcoming release of “Return of the Jedi”. Included in that show was the scene on Endor where Han flipped the stormtrooper over his back. We videotaped that show and I must have watched it hundreds of times. I later finally saw the movie in a super-packed movie theater in Tulsa, OK while visiting my grandparents. It was damn near the highlight of my 6 years on this Earth up to that point.

1983 – I was in the first year of my first “real” job after having finished my master’s degree in 1982.

1983: I left my job on Long Island and got a new one in NYC. I was also a counselor (and gay peer counselor) at a crisis intervention switchboard. And I was having a great deal of anonymous sex.

1983 - 26 years old, was working evenings at Sly 96FM in San Luis Obispo, CA as an air personality.

Low wages, impossible hours, and all the records I could steal. But what a great time.

1983- I was in tech school in New Haven. I graduated and it took 3 months to find a job. I remember it being a very exciting year and loving my first real job!