Let's talk about mower decks.

Springtime again. Grass-cutting season.

We have a garden tractor with 54 inch mower deck. Every now and then I jack up the tractor to clean the underside of the deck. I usually find that grass is heavily caked to the deck, and it takes about 30 minute to remove the grass using a scraping tool. The biggest problem is that it causes the deck to rust. When I scrape the old grass off the underside of the deck, rust often falls from it, too. :frowning:

It has a washout port for use with a garden hose. I’ve tried it a couples times. It seems useless.

To minimize the rusting problem, I suppose I should religiously clean the deck immediately after cutting the grass. But I often forget. Or I just don’t feel like it. Or am too damn lazy.

If I do a thorough job of cleaning it with a wire brush wheel, is there some kind of paint I can apply to the underside of the deck that will protect it? It would have to be an extremely durable paint.

You know the hard, non-stick finish applied to pans and skillets? I wonder why they don’t apply that to the underside of mower decks.

Damn. I have seen those hose connections and thought they would be very useful. Bummer.

Rustoleum then spray with PAM before each use?

a sweeper or jet nozzle on a hose will dislodge grass and dirt quickly if it’s fresh.

you do have get down there but it is less work than scrapping.

Question asked and answered in the same post. Non-stick finishes can’t even stand up to utensils made of anything more scratchy than silicon. They’d last about ten minutes when faced with abrasive grass, rocks, and sand.

I didn’t do it this last fall but I usually drop the deck, wire wheel, and spray paint the inside of the more deck once a year. The paint doesn’t last long but I think the good cleaning helps prolong the life of the deck. I’ve often wondered how well the spray-on bed liners would work.

The times you used the washout port did you have the mower running?

Don’t know if you’re up for the amount of effort this would take, but POR-15 is just about the toughest, hardest, thing you could apply. Application is a bitch though. How durable and long lasting it is, is likely directly proportionate to how well you prep before final coat.

I was told by the mechanics at the local John Deere dealer that using those hose ports actually causes more rust problems.