Let's Talk About Tabula Rasa

I finally got tired of WoW a little while back and I’ve been looking around for the Next Big Thing, and found Tabula Rasa a little while back. What do people think so far in terms of what they’ve read/seen/played? I went ahead and grabbed the pre-order so I could play in the closed beta, but I haven’t time yet to really dig into it.

As far as I can tell it looks like Richard Garriott is definitely trying to push the genre in a different direction in terms of combat, but I’m still not sure if this style will have a huge effect on the game in the long term. I’m always afraid of MMO’s ending up as a grind-fest without any real reward or enjoyment.

I am dying for this game to come out. It looks like Planetside, only PvE and with a few RPG elements thrown in.

I can guarantee you, in Planetside item-collecting and grinding were not nearly as prevalent as in traditional MMORPGs. The game was simply fun in and of itself. I’ve seen a few gameplay videos, and it looks like it’s roughly the same; the focus won’t (or shouldn’t) be on the items you can get, but on the gameplay itself.

Isn’t this an rpg fps with no pvp?

I can not talk about Tabula Rasa.

I can say that it is public knowlege I have had a beta slot since I won a closed beta invite in a contest.

I can say I have pre-ordered it. This week, as it happens.


They’ve made a game named after you, didn’t you know? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think there is PvP in dueling arenas, but not in the wild. And yeah, RPG FPS is probably the best way to describe it; it’s not turn-based and you have to aim your weapon to fire at an enemy, but RPG-ish skills and powers aid in targeting, damage, and the like.

Er, you’re talking about the musical compositionTabula Rasa by Arvo Pärt, aren’t you?

A clean slate doesn’t sound too interesting to me. However, it was a Lost episode title though.

Anyone have screen shots or anything?

Here’s the official site, it has movies and screenshots and whatnot: http://www.playtr.com

I want to see how the game looks but I’m afraid my current PC isn’t going to be capable of handling it (and a new machine isn’t going to be happening anytime soon).

I saw an interview with Garriott recently where he was talking about Tabula Rasa and Ultima Online. He said that he felt that many of the systems they created for UO went on to become standards in the MMORPG field but that he thinks that many of those systems have turned out to be bad designs. He wants to make basic changes to the way an MMORPG works with Tabula Rasa. So, I’m really interested to see what he has done with this one.

That’s what I was hoping for when I clicked on the thread.