Let's tell a story four words at a time

Maintaining coherent sentences would be good. Maintaining a coherent story would be phenomenal. Let’s see what we can do. With any luck, hilarity will ensue.

Use punctuation whenever necessary, and you may even begin your phrase with punctuation if you determine it is needed at that point; e.g. to end the previous sentence (or quote) and start a new one.

Here we go:

Near the top of

Mount Everest, Smedley dropped

his satchel on to

the back of a

Sherpa guide who had

leprosy. “Oh, look!” said

the guide. "My finger

fell off." He laughed

, but not for long.

At that very moment

a great eagle swooped

below at Base Camp

, making a timely delivery

of a bouncing baby

boy named, oddly enough,

for a movie character,

Rufus T. Firefly, Esq.

Reaching for the satchel

and removing eight miniature

potato chips shaped like