let's use existing words

donot make up new words --my peeve is turbning nouns into verbs"verbing" a noun;at CHRISTMAS WE NOW "GIFT"EACH OTHER, WHY IS THIS NECESSARY? :smack:

I am phrasmotic and rankunctuous in agreetrasms.

A cromulent reply.

Verbing weirds language!

I won’t verb nouns if you tell me how I can avoid “turbning.” It sounds dangerous.

Keep Verbing Weird!

(I was in Austin over last weekend–they sell shirts that say “Keep Austin Weird”)

In South Asia, “gift” as a verb is a perfectly normal part of English.

For Example: “This box of pens was gifted to me by my uncle.”

Yeah, it grated on my ears for awhile. But then I got used to it.

Here at the SDMB, we shall now “post” each other. This is necessary.

By the way, is “turbning” a new word?

I think we should all conference this subject. Let’s lunch.

Vocabularising embiggens us all.

I’ll task someone with restauranting us.

Just keyboard out an invitation and email us.
I’m sure a good number of us will motor over and be seated.
Have the cook plate something nice and table it before us.

I’m starting to worry that we’re inventing Newspeak here.

asifhsadj ajrf eoj ra alk;r aekl;jj rakddoi 2238 adv0&()(& akldfj aselkkr!

Could you give us a translation?

Not everyone here knows PERL.

Dunno. Is “turbning” doubleplus ungood?

How is that new? Back in elementary school there were programs for gifted students. Gifted as in the past tense of the verb gift.

Regarding words that are new, so what? Lanuage is a changing, growing thing. Monty Python’s Quest For The Holy Grail uses the pronunciation kuh-nigg-it not only because it’s funny. Knight used to be pronounced that way. Websters and other dictionaries list new words and new meanings every year. E-mail is a noun, a verb, and a word less than twenty years old.

The verb “to gift” dates back before 1608. How is a four centuries old usage “new”?

MMmm. Donot.

I verbing your dog!