Let's write another verse to "Rock N Roll Heaven"

This thread was inspired by Charlie Watts’ death, but is not limited to that one performer.

I’m sure everyone here has heard Alan O’Day’s classic ballad, Rock N Roll Heaven, written ca. 1975 (co-writer, Johnny Stevenson). Alan, who was a good friend of mine in the '70s, had a habit of writing an additional verse whenever one or more performers died, appending it to the main song. Unfortunately, Alan is no longer with us.

Can our Dope balladeers come up with some new verses to extend his legacy? They should preserve the same structure to be compatible.

Jimmy gave us rainbows,

Janis took a piece of our hearts,
And Otis brought us all to the dock of a bay…

There was this version with new lyrics by O’Day and recorded by the Righteous Brothers for a greatest hits album.

“Moon the Loon gave us a broken drum kit”