Letter To Chairman Of The 9/11 Commission - From FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds

Open Letter To Thomas Kean - Chairman Of The 9/11 Commission - From FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds
Sibel Edmonds is a former FBI employee who claims that she was fired after alerting authorities about security and management problems in the FBI.
It’s a lengthy letter but you need to read it completely to get the full impact. I’m including a couple of segments here that I think show the gist of it. I realize that I’m quoting rather large segments of it, but since it is an open letter to the press I’m assuming that copyright isn’t a problem. Mods, if you think I’ve overdone it please snip away.

I just read this, because Sibel Edmonds is going to be on 60 Minutes tonight.

It’s outrageous and sickening. In light of the outing of an important al-Qaeda operative this past week, I would think that it puts Edmonds’ revelations in a much more alarming light, as if it weren’t alarming enough.

Where’s the outrage? My anger meter is just about maxed, and it’s exhausting. Being the inarticulate git that I am, I don’t know what to say that doesn’t include several swear words and threats that could get me hauled into the police station thanks to the “Patriot” Act.


Equipoise, I’m glad that someone finally responded to my post. I was starting to think that no cared and, like you, I’m outraged by this and I think that it needs far more public attention. Here’s another tidbit -

By the way Equipoise, I didn’t catch 60 minutes last night. Were there any interesting revelations?
And, since this is great debates, I guess that I should propose an actual debate.Apparently Sibel Edmonds is violating a Justice Department gag order by talking about this and writing these letters. Was the gag order justified and proper? Was Edmonds morally and ethically justified in defying it? She was fired and has attempted to sue over that firing, but she cannot proceed with her suit without some of the suppressed information. So is she doing this for the good of her country or for her own personal ends?

America will never fall to the forces of Terrorism, but stuoidity, incompetence, impotence & ass-covering will get us yet. :frowning: