Letterman and John McCain.

What’s so astounding was that he skipped Letterman - on CBS - to do an interview with CBS News. Maybe if he was appearing on a network that wasn’t connected via routing switcher to Letterman’s studio, he might have gotten away with it. I have no doubt that the Letterman control room can call up the feed from any CBS studio in New York.

If you can’t think any further ahead than that, you should seriously re-think a Presidential campaign.

If the Larry Sanders show has taught me anything, it is that cancelling a talk show appearance in order to appear on a different show is the gravest crime known to talkshowdom.

News organizations need access. Late night hosts - and TDS - not so much. They can be more honest.

We saw some of this during the writer’s strike. You don’t screw with folks whose job it is to make fun of people for a living, because they will use you for material.

Plus they seem to be the only ones with an incentive to investigate anything anymore.

What good is access if they aren’t going to do any reporting with it.

By reporting I mean reporting the truth. It has been a while so some people might have forgot.

Good point. I think he’s very, very contemptuous of me.

Letterman is pure MSM, eastern establishment elite, and this will only play well with the base. Go, Johnny Mac!!

Weatherman from Indianapolis are eastern establishment elite? I honestly believe that this will be the election where the definitions of “eastern establishment elite” will become finally become so broad that it will begin to have a non-trivial intersection with the definition of a “Plugger”.

Tak a look at pseudotriton’s location field. I think you’ve ben whooshed.