Letterman tips?

I got tickets to Letterman next week. Has anyone been recently? Any tips I should know about? I’ve heard in the past that you should show up early to get your ticket “numbered.” Is this still the case? What can I do to get a good seat?

You can talk to my (step)brother-in-law, his limo driver. That might work. Being that I’ve never met the man, I could be mistaken, but it worked for my parents.

Well, last time I saw Letterman you couldn’t get your ticket numbered if I remember correctly. You just have to stand on line forever until they let you in (like most shows).

The studio is pretty damn chilly, so bring a sweater.

Kind of a crapshoot. I had tickets a few months back, the night Robin Williams was on pushing whatever movie was just coming out.

The line is formed on a first there basis. So if you want to be very close, get there early. Not ten-fifteen minutes early, but hours early. Bring books, magazines, lots of smokes and patience. Once it gets to within 2 - 3 hours of when you are supposed to be there, the line fills up quickly. By an hour or so before, it is around the block. They let you into the studio based on the order of the line, so it does mean something. Also, make sure you bring EVERYTHING they tell you to. ID, your pink letter (or whatever they sent you) and anything else they mention that I am forgetting.

They will bring you into the lobby in that order small groups at a time. They will prep you, tell you to cheer, not to whistle, to be excited and other rules/ requests of the studio audience. Then you get a card with your number on it, then file into the studio proper after everyone has been through the orientation lecture.

But that said, it is a small studio (but a beautiful set) so there really are no ‘bad’ seats. There is a balcony up top, so even folks midway or near the end of the line can end up with great seats. Actually, the seats we had seemed great, but it would have been nice to be a bit over or back. We were close to the front and in the center, which seemed good, but when the camera rolled out we had a hard time seeing Dave et al.

It was a great time - it was the first studio audience I was a part of, and found myself comprising parts of the laugh track I’d otherwise barely smile about. Dave takes a few questions before taping, so you may want to think of a few to see if you get a chance. Have fun!!!

Actually, compared to most television studios I’ve been to, the Ed Sullivan theater is pretty damn big, IMHO.

Gotcha ya - like I said it was my only time in the studio audience so I had nothing to compare it to. I guess I was thinking small from a theater/ concert standpoint - a place with no nosebleed seats.

And I forgot to mention you were right about the temperature. Listen to your LolaCocaCola - bring a sweater!