Letterman's Jokes Last Weds? Why?

What was up with Letterman’s opening jokes last Weds? I don’t follow him, but I just happened to catch his opening banter. He made a few timely jokes, and then a whole mess about capturing Osama bin Ladin - like this was timely? I thought I was watching a repeat! He even made a reference to the last Oprah show! I’m thinking…geez, is he that hard up for material milking old news? Maybe some Letterman fan can explain what was going on.

He was on vacation last week… re-runs.

That show was a rerun. But in the monologue, Letterman repeats the same jokes over several nights so it is sometimes hard to tell whether the show you’re watching is a rerun or not.

Hmm, as I recall, he joked about that bat on a plane (and the snake from the zoo). The bat joke was timely. The rest was not. Maybe it was dubbed in (filmed against a ble screen) to what home audiences saw? Maybe he popped in the office for a quick joke while on a stay-cation???

That bat on a plane incident happened around Aug 8th or 9th, so it wasn’t super-timely.

Who were the guests?

Late night hosts will also use material written earlier to “pad out” shows if they think it’ll still play. I don’t watch Letterman, so I can’t comment if that’s what you saw, but it’s certainly something they do. Some days they’ll write more jokes than they can use, and they don’t pitch 'em.

Actually, I think the bat joke was timely…my weeks are off. Not sure who the guests were. I’m not into pop culture. It wouldn’t mean anything for me. I turned it off, sorry to say.