Letters from the Future

Since I was 13, I have been writing letters to my future self. I am 23 now and I just opened a letter addresssed to me from my 13-year-old self.
Last year I opened a letter from my 18-year old self.
And in my binder, there are around fifty more letters to my 30-year-old self, my 40-year old self, my 26 year-old self, my 31-year-old self (so she won’t feel bad about the 30-year old self receiving letters and her getting nothing)-
all different aged selves writing to all the other selves.
I don’t know where I got the idea 10 years ago, but I am sure I am not the first to do this.
Except that when I open a letter from a past self, I always write back.
I try to tell the past self some things that she doesn’t need to worry about, and I like to hint at things to come without telling too much because I don’t want to mess up the space-time continuum. Sometimes I warn her.
Unfortunately, I cannot think of a way to send these letters. I keep them in my binder in case someday I find a way to send letters backwards through time.
My roomate says this will never work because if I ever find a way to send these letters in the future, I would have already had the letters. I would have had the letter I just wrote to my 13-year-old self for the past ten years.
Is he right? Or can i circumvent the laws of space and time somehow?
Anyone have any ideas on how I could send these letters?

Nope, he’s right. Since you don’t have the letters, it means you never sent them. I’m a believer in the whole “you can’t change the present by altering the past” thing.

So I’d wish you luck, but you never succeed. Sorry!

Of course, maybe there are letters hidden somewhere that you just don’t know about yet…


Right. You can affect the past, but not change it, because if you will change it, then it’s already changed.

On the other hand, remember that mysterious stranger who tried to tell you all those weird things, on that day way back when? Maybe you should have listened :slight_smile:

Sure you can! All you need is a mailman, a bottle of Jack Daniels and a DeLorean that runs on garbage!

Check, check, and, awwwww.

Oh well, I would only have abused it anyway.

Unless your returning them to the past only created a divergent reality. In some alternate universes you DID get the letter before you wrote the other one.

But you probably didn’t listen anyway…
In such a situation the Delorean would require a hell of a good map. God… Back to the Future meets Sliders…
Wonder if there’s a quantum Motor Club?