Rather surprised that this website had escaped my notice. Scans of famous correspondence through history. I don’t mean a copy of the Magna Carta - more like a copy of a letter Kurt Vonnegut wrote to his family from a repatriation camp after being rescued from Slaughterhouse Five. Or two responses from Isaac Asimov Jerry Kosinski upon being asked to “describe the sky.”

I haven’t wasted this much time since TV Tropes. Happy Holidays!

I just ran across this site recently too. It is very interesting – much more than I would have expected even.

I meant to reply earlier to say “thanks for this,” but I keep paging back through earlier entries. :smiley:

Thanks for this. Vonnegut’s letter is amazing – so very recognizably his style, the terse description of one hell after another, the sadness tempered with humor – the repetition of the phrase, “but not me.” Amazing that he could write so well about it so soon afterwards. I don’t know how he wasn’t left catatonic. The stuff he went through was incredible. He should have written a book about it.

There go my holidays. That Bowie one is adorable.

Coincidentally, a “clip show” of Antiques Roadshow ran recently that had Virginia O’Hanlon’s great-grandson bring in the actual letter that made her famous. Wonder if it’s in there somewhere?

ETA: Indeed, it is.

I see what you did there.

I’ve seen the letter to Ford from Barrow at the Henry Ford Museum.

I’ve read no one can confirm he wrote it, though.

I’m glad to see – er, be reminded, that is, that my response to the Skymail project was the more cordial of the two posted. :slight_smile: