So you’ve removed the confounding tape that binds lettuce packages closed, without damaging the integrity of the lettuce bag. How many layers of lettuce do you remove before deeming the lettuce suitable for consumption?

I don’t think you and I eat the same kind of lettuce. I usually eat romaine, and don’t remove any leaves. But with cabbage, I remove the outer two leaves.

The lettuce I normally buy doesn’t come in a bag. I only toss out the outer leaves if they’re wilted and broken, but because I’m looking at my lettuce before buying it, I try not to pick any that are wilted or broken. Just wash the lettuce, and eat it.

Why do you need to remove layers from yours?

Remove any bruised, cut, or wilted outer leaves. Those big flat leaves aren’t so good in a salad anyway. Hold under the cold water tap and picture any dirt or germs being washed washed washed away.

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Based on the description, I assume the OP means iceberg lettuce.

lettuce not waste leaves.

Assuming you’re talking iceberg, I remove both inner and outer layers. Slam the head stem-first onto a counter, pull out the inner “core,” then peel at least one outer layer off (more as needed if wilted or brown).

Yeah, I worked fast food for a few years…

Yes, iceberg. I do rinse it, and the outer few layers always seem wilty and not crisp.
I can’t wait to try slamming the lettuce on the counter! I’m going to the store to pick one up for that purpose. I hope I can wait until I get home!

Forget the counter. That’s for mass quantities. Smacking the core with the base of your palm works just as well and doesn’t get the counter messy.

Outer wilted leaves go into the compost bucket, as does the core.

People still eat iceberg lettuce? :wink: We buy it BOGO at the grocery store and hang it over the chicken yard to give them (and us) some entertainment.

I didn’t work fast food, but this is how my mom taught me.