Level 3 sex offenders

go to this site for reference to this post (www.garagelogic.com) click on the sex offender list, click the out-of-state link on the left then click on Alfonso Rodriguez. Alternately you can hit www.doc.state.mn.us/level3/search.asp then hit the out-of state and get this peice of shit on your screen. Oh, yes, this is a flame thread.

This is about Dru Sjodin. I live in Grand Forks. The peice of shit that is sitting here on my taxpayer-dime just got out of Minnesota prison in May after serving 23 years for multiple offenses of kidnapping and rape.

he’s listed as a level 3 offender, meaning that he is most likley going to commit a similar crime. Dru hasn’t been found yet, but I suspect an autopsy is more likely than rehabilitation.

Jesus, if any of Dru’s family is reading this, I apologize for saying that.

I am so pissed I’ll leave it here. Please hit one of the links I cited to see the convictions he has in Minnesota. I’ll look for the judge/parole board that allowed this animal to go free to strike again.

Want to know how pissed I am considering it could have been my wife or one of my sisters? I would love to see the shitbags responsible for putting him back in civilization. They would experience their last day on Earth.

BTW, the part of the parking lot Dru was abducted is the exact area I, my wife, sisters and brother usually use to enter the mall.

I wish I could enter a death threat to the fucks that let this fuck free, but we can’t do that here.

I’ll just stew and report back

There are priorities that are just so far out of alignment in this country that it is confounding. If the guy had been selling x grams of cocaine we’d never hear from him again.

However, if you rape somebody (or multiple sombodies) you are less of a threat to society. Go figure.

Thank you for that, SeekingTruth. So often we forget to think of the children. Praise God we have courageous citizens like you who are willing to go out on a limb and take a stand condemning sex offenders: Bravo. The “judge/parole board” that released this subhuman man obviously knows less about criminal justice, sex offenders, and this particular man then you and I–shame on our society for putting such idiots in power. We should forget about all those latin phrases lawyers talk about and automatically execute all level 3 sex offenders whenever a sex crime is commited in the same county that they reside in–I heard on Law and Order SVU that nearly all sex offenders re-offend anyways (don’t listen to those liberal fucks who believe the reports released by John Ashcroft’s justice department contradicting that).

Maybe it’s time people like you and I united together to overturn the justice system. It’s time we stopped coddling sex offenders–Meagan’s law, civil commitment laws, registries, etc. are all light-handed solutions conceived by liberal pussies–and started adding Latin phrases of our own to the legal lexicon. My vote for the first: If-ay I-ay ink-thay eople-pay are uilty-gay, eye-they are-ay.

Ya know Metacom, I think you should probably back off. SeekingTruth is upset because this literally happened in his backyard. You’re probably right on a lot of what you said, but let’s just let him blow off a little steam.

No, Metacom, death is too good for those damned accused rapists! We should hog-tie them and let the gangbangers have at them for several years! That’ll learn 'em!

I wonder what evidence they found solid enough that they arrested him?

I can’t help but hear the thread title being spoken by Sean Connery.

Somebody will get that.

pugluvr, I too own pugs (3) the info is still being held from the public. Just go to grandforksherald.com to read all that is public. There is sufficient evidence to warrant an out of state arrest, and he waived extradition. Also, there is a big deal about his red Mercury Sable, so I’d wag that there’s a witness. You can’t give away all your evidence to the media when you want to wait to find her, to determine if murder is a charge to add. Remember, he has yet to deny he did the kidnapping, even after 2 state court appearances.

Lord Ashtar, I appreciate the back-up, but Metacom is right on target. The only reason I didn’t go to the courthouse for this hearing is that his and her families were there, and they have enough shit to deal with right now.

Plus I don’t have quite enough cash to make bail for an aggravated assault/homicide.

One more thing, and this should get the liberals fired up for all the wrong reasons. He’s hispanic, she’s white, and I have yet to hear the phrase “hate crime” brought up.

I’m so fucking pissed about this.

Level 3 sex offenders? Man, 3rd edition is worse than I thought.

Don’t go there Greyson.

Haven’t seen the Book of Vile Darkness, eh?

Is this turning into a joke thread? Just the fucker down.

I trust you all know I meant to say:

Just SHUT the fucker down

See how pissed I am? BTW, for a few hundred dollar’s…NO…must resist urges…must keep SDMB account open.

But, really…

BTW, FWIW His bail was just set at $5,000,000. I think they may possibly have something on him

:confused: What are you saying—that the cops would rather drag their feet on this so they can charge Rodriguez with murder, rather than try to find Ms. Sjodin while she’s still alive? I hope that’s not what you’re saying.

Not trying to read minds here, but is it possible that what that meant was “wait to reveal the evidence until she’s found”? So they know what they’re dealing with all the way, rather than telling too much now and possibly messing up the case if it’s worse than they are hoping.

SeekingTruth, maybe you should go have a cheeseburger or something and settle down. I haven’t seen any charges on the guy yet, so stop listening to Garage Logic, and hug your wife.

Nah. Let’s make aggravated sexual assault a capital crime like it should be, and tilt them off the edge of the world as soon as they are convicted of it.

Ok- sorry- but explain the hate crime part to me? That whole hispanic suspect/white victim thing truly has gone over my head here.

OK, I owe you guys some clarification.

Rilchiam, we’re dealing with the Grand Forks Police Dept. I’d much rather see the Sherriff’s office handling this.

thirdwarning, that is what I was trying to say

MrBabbington, what the hell does my radio listening habits have to do with this? No formal charges, yet, but reread my earlier post and note the $5 MILLION dollar bail set. I have a feeling they have something here. Also, if you had gone to the online site for the local paper you’d have seen the lead story where his neighbor drove here to beg him in the courtroom to tell the cops where Dru is. But I assume you know him better than her. Yes, I know him well enough, go back to the link in the OP.

Nvme77, that was prolly out of line, but had this been a white man accused of kidnapping a black woman, we’d have Sharpton, Jackson, et al screaming about racism. How is this different? But I concede, this is more emotional than relevant right now

Screw the cheeseburger, I’m gonna eat some raw meat and have a shot or two. This thread may get really interesting :wink:

God bless, all