Levophilic devices

Your column today suggest that the one device that seems to favor the sinistrous, or at least the ambisinistrous, among us is the PC keyboard.

I have been using this stuff long enough to remember the earliest two-button mouses (yes mouses: mice are rodents). They could not be reprogram to change the button arrangement as today’s mouses can. So they were all “right-handed”. Being left-handed and, hence, much more intelligent and adaptable than my right-handed colleagues, I quickly learned how to use that mouse with my right hand. My paper, notepad, and pencil were always on the left of the keyboard. I could write, take note, refer to diagram and other printed material, all without abandoning my mouse.

So while it appears that the mouse was made to favor the dextrous among us, at least in the “early” days of mousing, it actually favored the sinistrous.

The word for the two-handed person should not be ambidextrous – “equal right hands”. The overwhelming majority of the two-handed people I know are primarily or formerly left-handed. I for one throw a ball right-handed (no left-handed mitts in my house as a kid), mouse right handed, use a hammer both handed, etc.

The word should be “equal left hands” – ambisinistrous.

tqnohe, when you start a thread, we request that you please provide a link to the column, so that other readers will know what you’re commenting on. That helps keep us all on the same page, so to speak.

OK, sure enough, it’s on the front home page today, but it will soon disappear into the mass of past classic columns. Hence, the link is helpful for others. No biggie, you’ll know for next time.

The link: In a right-handed world, why is a man’s billfold pocket on the left side?

It’s actually not “today’s” column, it’s a reprint of an ancient column from centuries (well, decades. Well, more than a couple of months) ago.

Thanks for the tip. I be such a newbie.