Lexmark printer making screeching noise, cartridge won't slide--fixable?

My Lexmark Z11 printer that I got for $29 a couple years ago sat all summer without being used. And when I turned it on today, it made a horrible screeching sound, coming from the innards, and the cartridge wouldn’t slide back and forth on its shiny metal rod the way it normally does when you turn it on–the cartridge is just frozen in place down on the far right-hand side–and the green “Fix me!” light flashesd. And when I shut the printer off, it screeched once again, and the cartridge once again failed to run back and forth on its shiny metal rod. And I disconnected it from the computer, and set it up on the dining room table all by itself, and it’s very consistently screeching and refusing to let its cartridge slide back and forth on its shiny metal rod when you turn it on and off.

So obviously something’s stuck in there, or froze up. Is this fixable at home by a housewife with a can of WD-40 and a phillips screwdriver? I’m not gonna pay someone $50 to fix a $29 printer.

Thanking whoever in advance.

You have nothing to lose except some oily paper by attacking it with WD40, but printers are cheap. Nobody repairs 'em anymore.

Yah, I know, I just thought there might be some terribly obvious tech fix that I missed the memo on. Thanks. :slight_smile: