LHC, Higgs singlet, and time travel

So, apparently some scientists are theorizing that time travel might become a possibility due to what is being done with the Large Hadron Collider. Here’s one article about it: http://www.geekosystem.com/time-travel-particles/

I am admittedly woefully unqualified to speculate on such complicated physics. But I’m confused by the article’s claims about the kind of time travel the discovery of the Higgs singlet might make possible (please forgive the prepositional phrase overload). How can sending a particle back in time avoid time travel paradoxes? I understand that a single particle could not go back in time and kill my grandfather. But I didn’t think that killing my grandpa, or anything hugely disruptive, was strictly necessary to create a time travel paradox. If you have one past with X number of particles, and then another with Y, why isn’t that still a paradox?

A second argument I was tempted to make: ‘what about chaos theory? What if that particle is the butterfly that kills my grandfather in a monsoon?’ I can buy that this might be a stupid argument, and a total misreading of what chaos theory is really about. But I dunno. So I’s hoping you smarty-pantsed dopers might be able to explain all of chaos theory to me, too. Or am I possibly asking for a bit much?:stuck_out_tongue:

Thread from a couple of weeks ago. I really do need to get to doing the calculation I mentioned in that thread.

Oh-thanks, and sorry! I searched for a time travel thread that mentioned the word hadron, & somehow still didn’t find this thread. I am not very good at using this board’s search engine. I did think it was odd that I was the first to post a question about it.

After reading a bit: thanks twice, I love having my opinion about the ‘no paradox’ claim validated by smart folk.
So if this scenario is really just a set of as-yet untested hypotheses–has anyone voiced an opinion on how likely or unlikely they believe them to be? And how exactly would scientists in the past know to interpret extra Higgs singlets as a message from the future? That is what Weiler was suggesting might be possible, right?