Liberal Tolerance Strikes Again

Here’s the deal. A Christian Pro Life group set up a little booth at the U of C Santa Barbara. Part of the display was a board filled with images of fetuses, etc., in a an area of the campus set aside fro free speech. Along come Professor Dr. Mireille Miller-Young with a couple of her students. She is offended by the sign and she and/or her students take it upon themselves to steal the sign. That just grab it and walk away with it. It is clear from the video that the professor and students are acting in unison. A member of the group walks after them, filing, trying to get the sign back. The smug professor smiles and laughs at her, calls her a terrorist, and challenges her to “try [and] stop us”, and laughs at the young girl. The girl calls the police, who file a report. The one piece of good news here is that the Santa Barbara DA has charged her with theft, battery, and vandalism.

I am pro-choice, and having lived in Dallas for a few years where I saw groups like this rather often, I know how disturbing some of the imagery can be. Bu that does not give me the right to to steal the signs. One would think that a professor±particularly one at a liberal university, would have a an i-understanding of—if not passion for—both the First Amendment and the right of a minority voice to be heard. Certainly 1) at a university and 2) specifically at the spot the university has designated as a free speech zone.

So, Dr. Mireille Miller-Young, you troll-looking feminazi* bitch, I pit you, your rank stupidity, and your little band of feminazis-in-training. You’re not fit to push a mop at a university, never mind be entrusted with young minds. I only wish your mother shared your feelings about abortion and had something more fun to do the year she spit you out of the fetid cave you and your stupidity stewed in for nine months.

You, and imbeciles like you, also hurt the pro life position itself. Your actions make pro-life supporters look like selfish, holier-than-thou self-important nut bags. You have an excuse for that, I guess, because you actually are a nut bag. And since it I’m pitting you here, you’re also fat and ugly.

I hope that DA uses you an example and makes you’re life a living hell in any way he can.

So, sane liberal lovers of tolerance and free speech, do you join in my pitting of the dumb bitch? Or is there a defense of her actions I’m not seeing?

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess you meant “pro-choice” there.

Wow, that OP is like a master class in concern trolling. Well fucking done.

:smack: That’s a short limb.

Oh, and missed the edit window. Here’s the link.

I agree, it’s a shame she let herself get baited by people trained in provoking exactly that sort of reaction.


I’m mostly fine with your rant (always assuming the facts are as you have reported them, a caveat made necessary by the lack of any link to a news story) except for this part. What difference does it make what she looks like?

And why does “feminazi” have an asterisk next to it, when there is no corresponding footnote?

Oh, and I don’t think the crime committed warrants a life of living hell. Probably a fine and time served. I would be more interested in having the university take some action to show that the university, at least, takes the concept of free speech seriously.

eta: ninja’s on the link, thanks for that. I have to learn to type faster.

You seem to be placing fault with the Christian group. Is that right? As I said, I’ve seen a lot of these signs and I hate them. I would avoid going where they were if I could. But I somehow restrained myself from stealing them. This falls squarely on her Shrek-like shoulders.

I don’t think you know what that term means.

The Nazis banned abortion (for Aryan women) and repressed feminists.

Bolding mine.

Again, why does this matter so much to you? Are you really concerned about the principle involved, or just that she is (apparently) unattractive to you? Are you invested in the idea that feminists always look like that?

But yeah, people should not take the bait offered by groups like this. They love to cry persecution.

None. Except that this is the Pit and I wanted to vent. And as Eddie Murphy(?) once explained, if I set out to insult you, yeah I’m going to use everything I can, including the way you look.

Lost it while editing to include it. Should have been:

*Yeah, “feminazi”. I know it was coined by Satan himself, but it describes the dumb bitch here perfectly.

Again, The Pit. I’m venting. But I think she deserves more than the slap on the wrist you describe. But maybe that should come from the University. But at a liberal school, she’ll probably be turned into a celebrity. In all seriousness, the penalty one faces for doing this should be strong enough that the cost of it far exceed the benefit. It should be severe enough where she regrets it every night for a fucking year. Financially, professionally, whatever.

Felt like you were being typecast as a racist, huh? I get it.

Do you deny that they’er Shrek-like? :slight_smile:

You’re right. Her appearance has nothing to do with the issue. Nothing. But it does have something to do with my venting and feeling good about insulting her, a la Eddie Murphy’s explanation I heard one. Or maybe it was Chris Rock. Yeah, now I’m thinking it was him.


Maybe you shouldn’t pit. It doesn’t go well for you. Even if you have a point, it seems to get lost in the words you pick.

No, apparently you don’t.

But if you’d like to inject race into a thread about free speech and abortion rights, you may want to look up how many Black children are aborted every year. And also look at the per capita rate.

Are you drunk?

You have a valid point. When I combine an emotional pitting with an important issue, the former often gets in the way of the latter. Especially, since so many posters have me on Auto-Attack Mode.

Oh, well. Still feels good to birch-slap the bitch.

So a fetus is a child?

Is an acorn a tree? Is that pile of lumber my house? Derp?