No, you asshole anti-abortion protestor. I do not want her to have an abortion@

The local Planned Paremthood, located right across the street from the library, had its usually protestors out today. I started to talk to one about how they only favor adoption if it’s to the right people (no gays need apply) when a young woman comes up to go into the building.

The protestor immediately gets in her face and forces her to take some literature. She then does her spiel about the “evils of abotion,” and ends up putting her hand on the woman’s arm.

I point out the she has no right to get in this woman’s face, lie to her, and put her hands on her, which is considered assaulr. The young woman gives me a grateful look and a smile, and the protestor says in a very loud voice: DON’T LISTEN TO HER! SHE ONLY WANTS YOU TO HAVE AN ABORTION."

I pause for a minute, showing enormous restraint by not smacking the lying bitch across her lying mouth with my cast. I then say in the hautiest voice I can muster " I do not want her to have an abortion or to not have an abortion. I want her to do what she chooses to do. I am pro-choice. And stop lying about me."

This makes me agree once more with Andy Rooney: I like pro-choice people better than pro-life people.

Did they tell her that she will be permanently psychologically damaged and unable to bond with any children she may later have? Because that’s what the guy who wrote in to my paper said. Because all women have a strong maternal instinct, so when we murder our babies we never get over it. Never ever.


It’s weird. All the women I’ve known who had abortions felt… relief. Of course, that’s because they are sociopaths, I guess, who can’t feel anything for anyone, especially the innocent little babies.

Socrates is my main problem with anyone who takes the moral high ground. I first came across his assertion that “the only thing a wise man knows is that he knows nothing” when I was 20-ish. It sounded good but I never really “got it” until I’d ripened a bit and it became very clear to me just how much I really didn’t know, and that what I thought I KNEW was simply wrong.

So now I don’t know what to think about people such as are the topic of the OP. Is the protester crazy? burdened with a guilty conscience? blinded by her passion about her pet issue? But it seems wrong to judge someone without knowing them just because they judged you without knowing you.

But that was a weird and bitchy way for protester woman to behave.

Thanks for standing up for the truth! What is it with this country and its retrogressive trajectory?

(Didn’t know where else to put this but) I just read in the paper this morning that Oklahoma just passed two hostile anti-abortion laws, one of which forces women who want an abortion to look at an ultrasound and listen to a detailed description of the fetus (and does not exclude victims of incest and rape).

The other prohibits malpractice lawsuits against physicians who choose not to inform parents of an unborn baby that the fetus suffers from birth defects. What? Doctors can choose not to enable patients to make an informed decision about their and their child’s health (and thereby force his beliefs unto the patient) and not be liable?

They were enacted after two vetos by the governor. At least somebody is fighting this but already filing a lawsuit.

Well, if her intent was to influence the behavior of either of the other two women mentioned, I would rate her protest as entirely ineffective.

She needs a course in radical politics 101. First you need to get someone to listen to you.


I get so aggravated with these people. For chrissakes, Planned Parenthood provides free or reduced-cost gyn care to lots of women who wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise (myself included at earlier points in my life). How does the protestor know the poor woman wasn’t just going in for an annual exam?

Yeah, the whole spiel about being affected with psychosis, being sterile and getting breast cancer.

This will be added to my other two faorite dumbest things I’ve heard the protestors say:

Every woman regrets having an abortion. No woman regrets giving up a child for adoption; and

It’s better for a child to be killed by adoptive parents than to be aborted

Leaving open the possibility of the woman screaming “I’m going for a pap smear, bitch!” and then waving photos of a cervix with cancer in the protester’s face.


I’ve vowed that next time I see protesters in front of the local Planned Parenthood, I’m going to stop, count the # of protesters, and go inside and donate at least $5 per protester to the clinic.

I become more ashamed with every passing day that I ever considered myself “pro-life.” These people have gone around the fucking bend.

And I promise you the day that anybody laid a hand on me outside a health care facility would be the day they got a face full of mace.

I won’t call myself pro-life or pro-choice, as I think both labels are stupid and self serving. Plus my views are much more confused, in-between and nuanced to fall into either category.

But I am mad at the pro-life protesters because my children go on the school bus near a ‘women’s health’ clinic and have to regularly see those bloody pictures of mangled fetuses. The little guy in Kindergarten is greatly distressed by them.

I prefer “anti-abortion” and “abortion-rights”.

I read in a post on SDMB that those pics are not necessarily pics of what the sign-holders are inviting us to believe they are.

Is there a cite for that assertion anywhere? And where would someone go to learn more about this?

I used to belong to the Catholic Church…inexplicably, I’m still getting NC Catholic magazine, even though I haven’t given the church a dime (or attended church, for that matter) since 2002. The magazine in general has become increasingly hostile towards women; one of their recent issues had a big article on how you’ll get breast cancer if you have an abortion. Yeah.

Athena, I love that idea!

I always like to point out that not wanting to have an abortion and not agreeing with it are one of the choices that pro-choice people should support. People are always shocked when I say this. Man, it says “choice” right there in the title!

I will support and agree with any woman’s right not to have an abortion, and I image most pro-choicers will and do.

What I don’t agree with is any person telling a pregnant woman to have an abortion (I am not pro-abortion) or not have an abortion (I am not anti-abortion). I only say the woman should decide for herself.

I absolutely support your choice to not have an abortion. I don’t support your mistaken notion that you have the right to choose for me.

You know, I almost wish this sort of protest was more common around these parts (I’ve never actually seen one) just so I could do this.

Apparently, I am twisted, also.

You’re in good company.

It also provides low cost birth control. You know, the thing that hopefully lets you avoid unwanted pregnancy and thus abortion! But I guess they don’t realize. Anyone entering within five feet of the door of a PP is about to go abort. Even if she’s happily pregnant and just employed by the organization/accompanying someone else. Even if she’s not pregnant. Even if she’s got the menopause. Yup, as soon as you enter, you have to announce, “It’s time to kill the babies!” and get down to business.