Liberals: A new word describing Conservatives or Right-Wingers

I posted this in another thread and just wanted to see what liberals thought. Now, please don’t respond if you’re a conservative. It wouldn’t be fair for you to have any say on how liberals refer to you.

Now I’m not a liberal or a conservative, but I always feel bad for my liberal friends because the word ‘liberal’ is almost regarded as a slur. And people are so proud to be ‘conservative’. I think we should come up with a new word to describe conservatives: How about “SLOWPOKES”? I mean that is a pretty accurate description, right? They’re a little SLOW to change, SLOW to learn new things, SLOW to accept new ideas. Now please understand, the SLOW in no way refers to their intelligence, but to the pace at which they allow themselves to grow. There are many very intelligent people who allow themselves to remain conservative. So lets spread the word: CONSERVATIVE = SLOWPOKE.

Example of use: “The news media is so LIBERAL”.
Reply: “No, the majority of news media is still fairly SLOWPOKE”.

It seems to work fairly well.

Nah, I still prefer evil fascists myself.

(Let’s see how long this takes to get into the Pit.)

My favorite epithet is thug. Problem is, I use this one for liberals who get out of hand, too, though it seems that it applies more to conservatives, in general. My mother is a moderate conservative Republican, and though we disagree on a number of points, I certainly wouldn’t call her a thug. Same with my father, who’s a registered Democrat but certainly a conservative.

Neither of my parents ever voted for Reagan, so they certainly aren’t too far to the right. Neither of them ever liked Clinton, either, but that doesn’t seem to have much to do with one’s political philosophy, since that’s the Clinton enigma: so many conservatives, moderates and liberals loathed Clinton, yet he always maintained a high approval rating. His presidency, it seems, was not a celebration of his moderate ideas but rather a fanfare for the common man.

I’ve yet to meet a liberal who considers “liberal” to be a slur, but they all consider “conservative” to be one.

I’ve yet to meet a conservative who considers “conservative” to be a slur, but they all consider “liberal” to be one.

I don’t think any new terminology is needed (and besides, liberals already pack enough derision into the phrase “right-wing ideologue”).

I have always used the term Repugnicans to describe right wing zealots. I distinguish between rational Republicans (with whom I can disagree, yet still respect) and the selfish “Us vs. Them” mentality that is the mark of a Repugnican.

SLOWPOKE isn’t really adding anything SUBJECTIVE to the description. So I think it would be much more acceptible in general conversation. Its still fairly objective to say that conservatives are more STATUS QUO, SLOWER to catch on to new ideas (helping the environment, using solar power, etc.) So I still propose using SLOWPOKE.

How 'bout something opposite of “liberal” like “tightwad” or “miser.” I like “nipcheese” myself. A few others:

“muckworm” (my fave)
“niggard” (probably not a good choice)
“penny pincher”