Liberals Lionized By Conservatives and Vice Versa

Who are some past liberals who are praised by conservatives today and past conservatives who are praised by liberals today?

Liberals Praised By Conservatives:

Franklin D Roosevelt-For conduct of World War II
Harry Truman-For conduct of World War II, dropping atomic bombs on Japan, conduct of Cold War, recognition of Israel, and conduct of Korean War.
John F Kennedy-For conduct of Cold War and lowering taxes

Conservatives Praised By Liberals:

Barry Goldwater-For moderate social views
Dwight D Eisenhower-Ditto
Richard Nixon-Ditto
George HW Bush-For responsible foreign policy

Richard Nixon? Are you shitting us?

Trent Lott once told Bill Clinton he was wearing a nice tie. Does that count?

Seriously, the list in the OP is laughable with the exceptions of Truman and Eisenhower.

Liberals respecting Goldwater? And Nixon? Seriously? If this is the standard that this poll is held to, then conservatives liked Clinton because of welfare reform, and liberals liked George W Bush because of the Medicare prescription drug benefit.

The best examples I can actually think of that would withstand the laugh test is Democrats liking Senator Howard Baker and Republicans respecting Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

I’m sorry-where are you getting your info from?

Tricky Dick - universally hated not lionized.

George HW Bush built gulf war 1 coalition. The rest of his record does not scream out responsible foreign policy.

Maybe you should double check the meaning of ‘lionize’. Nixon created a reapprochment with China but that doesn’t mean he is lionized nor does it make up for all the other unAmerican crap he lobbed off with on the US before being run out of town in total disgrace and out of jail by the grace of his handpicked successor.

By todays standard Eisenhower and Nixon pretty much were liberals: centrist Democrats at any rate.

He wasn’t a politician, but one conservative who gets a fair number of props (albeit grudgingly) from liberals is William F. Buckley, Jr.

It’s a bit late for April Fools’ jokes.

Maybe the OP just misunderstands the word.

“Lionized” does not mean “we want to feed this person to the lions”.

I read this as “Maybe the OP just misunderstands the world,” which is pretty accurate.

Conservatives I respect (I can’t name any I’d lionize):

Robert Taft was a libertarian for simple, common-sense convictions, not like those who read Ayn Rand and make much too much of it . He might have become president if Eisenhower didn’t go into politics, thinking himself a better candidate to deal with the Cold War. (Taft pretty much lost the race for himself, though: when a reporter asked what should be done about rising food costs, his reply was “eat less.” The voters chose candidates who subsidised agriculture, and now we have widespread obesity.)

Everett Dirksen was a skilled senator, and a fair-minded one. But I mostly like him for the same reason I liked listening to Paul Harvey: he was a complete loon. Every so often he’d inturrupt Senate business to give a long-winded speech on marigolds.

Winston Churchill was really, really bad on Ireland, India, poverty, etc., but WWII tips the scales like a sack of cement.

I would have happily swapped Richard Milhous Nixon for George W. Bush, anyday.

They talked a lot of trash about Tricky Dick, & much of it was true, but nobody ever called Dick Nixon stupid.

I will admit that I do admire Goldwater. Anyone who suggests kicking Falwell’s ass is cool by my book.

Yea, I think you’re confusing “lionized” with “don’t totally disagree with”. I think the only person you mentioned whose been “lionized” by parts of the other party is JFK, partially because of his relatively conservative views (at least in todays context), but also because of the manner of his death made something of a non-partisan patriotic symbol, especially for Baby Boomers.

I had a lot of respect for John McCain until the last election. I think the rest of our group mind would say the same.

Eisenhower, in addition to his social policies, also gets a lot of credit for appointing Earl Warren to the Supreme Court.

I’m a liberal, and I can accept these three…

…but that one sticks in my craw. I will admit that some parts of his African AIDS policy are good, but were completely negated by other parts of his African AIDS policy. And Iraq put him in a hole that he can never crawl out of.

So, let’s pretend you never mentioned him.

Most of my exposure to Goldwater is second-hand via John W. Dean. His book Conservatives Without Conscience was inspired by Goldwater’s The Conscience of a Conservative and should serve as a path back from the fringe for genuine conservatives. There are any number of conservative principles put forth in Dean’s book with which I agree, that he presents as re-statements of Goldwater’s original work.

Eisenhower’s last address to the nation sounds, to modern ears used to the lunatic fringe of the Right, like vintage Abby Hoffman.

And Nixon’s social programs and foreign policy were undermined by his fatal flaws. A damn shame.

Honestly, most of the Conservatives I admire no longer describe themselves as such, instead calling themselves “Libertarians” (which is a shame, as that covers an even bigger bunch of loonies than the wackiest of the Tea Party).

Psst… GHW Bush is the guy who was the president from 1989-1993.

Colin Powell is pretty well liked by liberals nowadays. Then again, he’s a pretty old-school conservative; responsible fiscal policy, not being a radical nutjob. You know, the classics.

And got us into Iraq in the first place. Maybe that’s what **gaffa **is talking about?

I don’t know about this. After his speech to the UN to justify invading Iraq I think his reputation among liberals is pretty much ruined.