Libeskind wins WTC competition

Meh. I liked the THINK design more…

Oh well. it’s not like I’ll be seeing it too often, what with living in Minnesota and all.

What a joke.

Here’s a link
Libeskind’s proposal was the least ugly one, so I’m glad that it won. (The only proposal that I really liked was the one that kinda looked like a beefed-up Empire State Building, but that one was cut early on.)

It’s ridiculous to try to build the world’s tallest building. Everyone knows that someone will build something taller with a few years. I’ll bet that the Chinese are already working on something. And I noticed that the MSN article doesn’t say who’s gonna pay for all this.

Here’s another LINK. Yeah, I think it’s a joke too. But then again I think they should have just rebuilt the towers so what do I know?

I don’t know why, but this really bothers me. It seems just like saying “Why bother?”

There was a recent Popular Science edition on just that subject. The Chinese are working on a few very large buildings.

Dammit, it won’t be the world’s tallest building. Not if the “Tall” part is just that spire. The CN Tower is taller, and it’s got as much claim to being a “building” as that spire.

Well, aren’t the Petrona’s buildings towers a spire towards the top?

The thing about the late great WTC is that all the floors were, well, floors. Most people I know thought the Petronas towers were sort of a cheat. Stuff like the CN Tower and all are considered “structures” rather than buildings, aren’t they? I think Guiness puts them in a separate category.

Okay, I got here late, but:

You liked that abomination?

The one with the two skeletal towers with the whatever-it-was linking them? That one?

That hideous piece of garbage should have been tossed in the first round.

I was unhappy with the whole process. Granted, rebuilding the towers was a non-starter, but they could have done something that would have not been awful.

This design is awful, but it’s less awful than anything else put up for consideration.

And I’m sick and tired of hearing about the CN Tower and that execrable Gaudi design.

Nobody cares about the CN Tower, and that Gaudi design was simply horrific.

Not the latest book.

The WTC, of course, was not as tall as the Sears Tower. The Sears Tower, in fact, has the highest FLOORS; it’s 1,450 feet of habitable office space right to the top. The CN Tower is the tallest building of any sort, but it’s not solid living space right to the top like the Sears. The Petronas Towers are neither; their floors aren’t quite as high as the Sears Tower, and the spire isn’t even close to the CN Tower, but some Web site has declared it the tallest building for some reason. So it all depends what your definition is; it seems to me the Sears Tower and CN Tower are the real winners. Frankly, the Sears is possibly the most astounding edifice ever constructed; not only is it amazingly tall, but it’s massive in width and the tiered structure makes it look wider still, and its black surface just adds to the contrast and perceived size. The Sears Tower looks like it’s about to grow giant robotic arms and legs and start walking around and eating the other buildings.

But look what the Chinese are building: