Tallest Buildings

If there really is a Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, it should have also the following categories:

  1. most stories,

  2. tallest stories. . .about itself.

Ray (the height of disbelief)

Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

I assume you are referring to the newest column that has not yet appeared online? If so, please remember to mention it in your post.

Given the discussion on ornaments designed to increase building height, I was wondering how Cecil stopped himself from discussing the practice of surgical head implants to increase the height of sumo wrestlers:


Here is my favourite skyscraper page http://www.worldstallest.com/

Most architects are men, and as thus, the tall buildings that they design are manifestations about the insecurities of their own manhood.

So, you see giant buildings going up all over the place in China, Japan, etc.

Interestingly, though, you don’t see any in Africa.

The Carlton Panorama, 50 stories of manhood (after enlargement) in Johannesburg, South Africa:


(OK, so it was probably designed and redesigned by Europeans or Asians.)

Ray (It’s not the size that counts; it’s the stories. . .about it.)

The straight dope column to which the OP refers is:

Is the world’s tallest building in North Korea? (21-Jul-2000)

Was the CN Tower in Toronto not mentioned, or did I just miss it?

It stands at 1,815 feet, 5 inches.

It seems that Zulu has beaten me to it but I have to back up his point. After reading Cecil’s last bizzare and wildy inaccurate last column I contacted the CN Tower’s PR department and verified its height at 553.55 meters as we say in Canada or 1815 feet and 5 inches in a language Cecil and his ilk would understand. My guess is that since Toronto is so far from Chicago Cecil may not have heard of it.

But…but…Toron’a is the Center of the Universe! The sun always shines on Toron’a!

Has anyone else seen the “Sacrilege Moments” on the Comedy Network about the CN Tower? I love it. I wonder if it’s online anywhere…

And just a nitpick…I’m a she :slight_smile:

The link in the “Tallest Buildings” column is broken. I found this picture of the North Korean building:


BTW, Zulu, the CN Tower wasn’t included because it’s not a building. You Canajuns really need to get over it. :slight_smile:

What is that all about? Since when is it the Canadian people who need to get over themselves. Nothing like good ole American humility “If we didn’t have anything to do with it, it does not exist.”

Appologies to Zulu…forgive me?

Uh…then what is it? How are you defining “building”? It has walls and roof. Do people have to live in it? Have offices in it? Work in it?

The CN Tower has observation decks, a cafe, a restaurant, arcades, simulator rides…if all of those aren’t in a building, what are they in?

You can call it a “stucture,” but that’s just a synonym for a big building.


Here is what the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat uses as a definition of a building

The CN Tower just has floors in the observation deck. You can’t stop the elevator halfway up and go walk around the middle of the tower.

*Originally posted by Zulu *

Or, you can call it a structure, too :rolleyes:

Marquis: Forgiven, of course. I’m used to it. “Zulu” is rather ambiguous.

That means Canada has the worlds tallest “Thing.” I’m swelling with patriotic pride.

“I’m not a lumberjack or a furtrader…but I do have the worlds biggest thing, and I AM CANADIAN!”

it is ridiculous that cecil did not mention the cn tower.

it has more than a few floors, both at its base and in the observation deck. it is used for business. therefore, it fits the definition of a building.

what gives?

Can’t you Hogtowners remember anything? The CN Tower is the world’s tallest free-standing structure.

On the other hand, Montreal has the world’s tallest inclined tower. We go!

structure? yep.
business? yep.
floors? yep.
tallest? yep.

It wasn’t designed for the purposes that would qualify it for a building. It was designed to be a big, tall thing that would attract people to it. It is, and it did. The business part is just added benefits, whereas, the tallest buildings were designed PRIMARILY to be useful and (maybe) being extra tall would help the image.