Tallest Building...

Well…after reading the column I did some checking of my own & found out that the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada is actually the tallest building around at 1,815 feet. OK, I admit that it’s mostly antenna that gives it the distinction, but there is a category for that and I thought maybe Cecil may have overlooked it. (or maybe he just wanted to smite the Canadians?) If the Sears Tower can include their antenna, then so can the CN Tower. If you’d like to check out the facts, go here: http://www.cntower.ca/

Have a grand day.

This is a column topic, so the knock-down drag-out frank exchange of views on this column is to be found here mrunknown9.


Thanx for pointing me in the right direction. I guess I didn’t look thoroughly enough to find the proper forum. I actually couldn’t believe that nobody had started one on the subject. Now I just have to get my thread deleted so I don’t look even more stupid!


ps – a tower is different from a building.

Geez…you can see from the previous entries that the discussion is not supposed to be here and yet you just had to throw your two cents in anyways. well, let me ask you this then. if a tower is not a building, then why aren’t we including the Petronas Towers as non-buildings??? After all…aren’t they towers? The Eiffel Tower is a tower. it is not enclosed at all. The Sears Tower is still a tower but it IS enclosed & therefore is considered a building in spite of the fact that it has the word Tower in it’s name. The same can be said of the CN Tower. It is also enclosed and can be considered a building. Guinness World Records thinks so, and so do I.


It’s not the “name” tower that’s the problem.

yes I read the other thread. Thank you. I am happy to accept the response as to why they do not consider the CN Tower a building. I was merely responding to a comment that was made here on a thread that doesn’t #1 belong here and #2 didn’t make much sense. As far as I’m concerned, we can debate it till the cows go back your place. The fact remains that we’re all going to disagree for one reason or another. I’ve seen some good arguments for both quite frankly and am happy to let it rest. The CN Tower IS the worlds tallest free standing structure and that should be enough. I don’t know if it’s a phallyic symbol or not, or who’s being anal or not. I just know that Uranus is not a nice place to live. :slight_smile:

I saw some Irish comedian on a repeat of Conan O’Brien last night who was making fun of the CN Tower and how fanatic Canadians get over it. Not that it matters for this discussion, but he thought that the CN Tower was just an antenna and not worthy of being considered a real building. To make his point, he put the microphone stand on top of his head and said “Look! I’m the world’s tallest comedian!”