Libya solar eclipse photos now available.

Rather than dig up the post I made last month before I went to Libya for this extraordinary event, I’m starting a new one.

The organizer of our excursion has made available a link to a story and photos of the trip. The actual eclipse photos start about halfway down and are magnificent.

Enjoy! If you have any questions about Libya and my experience there, I’ll be glad to respond.

Damn. I got to see an annular eclipse last October in Spain and it was just stunning. To think that we, out of all the planetary configurations we could have had, ended up with a moon that just so happens to have the same angular diameter as the sun… so we can witness this grand spectacle every few decades.

Great photos! I’m hanging out for the total solar eclipse that will be visible from Sydney on 22 July 2028.

Amazing report, and the photos were great!

Yet, somehow I get this odd feeling this is all a big ad campaign for CBS Television.

Did you see the one in Australia in 2002? That was pretty cool, too, although very short.

Amazing stuff. Thanks for sharing.

No. It was too far to travel from Sydney to the South Australian outback just to see the very tail-end of the eclipse.

Great photos! Wish I was there. I have to wait for 2017 to see my first eclipse.

Geez. I traveled from the U.S. to the South Australian outback to see 30 seconds of totality. It was awesome.

Great photos! I’ll read the story later on.