license plate search

how would one go about finding a persons address through thier license plate in the state of tennessee?

To my knowledge, civilians aren’t entitled to that information.

You need a crooked friend who works for the DMV or the police department.

Try the county clerks office that issues tag renewals.
At one time by phone, last time I checked you had to come in person to main county office in old courthouse building, upstairs, in person.
That may all have changed sin 9/11.

Here is where you check. The rest is up to you.

Information like that is apparently restricted by the Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act. In order to be able to look stuff like that up in Tennessee, you’ll have to pay a fee of $75, plus $2 per search, for the privilege and be able to fulfill at least one of the requirements listed in section b of this application form. And they do check, it seems.

Hiring a private investigator or finding a crooked DMV worker is probably the only way you’ll be able to get this information on whoever it is you’re stalking. (Or I suppose you might have a slightly more legitimate reason…)