How did They Find Mark Judge?

I am trying to get caught up on this Judge Kavenaugh stuff. He has a school buddy named Mark Judge. So when all this hit the fan, Judge left DC and hid at a friend’s beach house in Delaware.

Now I cannot find a cite for the next part. I may have read it in the Failing New York Times. Anyway, a Washington Post reporter found him.

Judge asked the reporter how they found him. The reporter waved toward Judge’s car indicating the license plate.

OK, so the Washington Post can pay for all sorts of fancy services. Can some private company really help me find a car? I wonder how much that costs.

A friend of mine recently returned from a three week vacation and realized he had no idea where his car was parked. The airport occupies 10,000 acres, so walking up and down aisles didn’t seem like a good option.

Turns out they inventory license plates continuously. It took two minutes for someone to tell him precisely where to find his car.


Given the distance between Delaware and DC it could even be caught by someone who wasn’t looking systematically.

Message from a HS friend to me: “Don’t do anything you’re not willing to have someone find out :D”
Message back: “LOL. You seen us or the car?”
Message from friend: “Car, where are you?”

There’s a private company that has made an arrangement with repo men. The company puts cameras on the repo men’s cars. License plates are scanned while they drive around. When a hit for a repo comes up, they notify the repo firm.

Meanwhile, a huge database of where cars are is maintained and access to the database is of course available for a fee.

One of the companies is Digital Recognition Network.

Worried what you’re cheatin’ spouse has been up to? A PI can tell you where their car has been lately. Want to rat out that your boss spends all his time at a strip club so you can get his job? Ditto. Etc.

And this doesn’t include the database various branches of government are maintaining.

Sleep well, citizen.

Thank you all. Any idea how much you would have to pay for such a search?

Note to self: back the car into a spot next to the building at the strip club from now on.

You really think parkign in front of a marijuana dispensary will be any less problematic? :smack: