Lies, damn lies, and unemployment statistics

By Dick Morris And Eileen McGann - 02.7.2011


The drop in unemployment the Obama Administration reported for January is totally phony. Real, unweighted data showed an increase from 9.1% to 9.8% in joblessness rather than a cut in the highly weighted figure from 9.4% to 9.0%.

Put those weighted numbers on a diet!

How many jobs were we losing per month when Obama took over. How many jobs are we losing now?

The key word is “losing”.
Obama says we are not losing jobs.
Ergo, Obama is a liar and a failure.

Well someone here is.

Indeed. Fortunately my name is not “someone”.

And by the way: I guess that’s why the voters gave the House of Reps. back to the Repoublicans, because Obama is doing such a bang-up job, right? LOL

I’m guessing you’re not a fan of Obama and happy to quote people who share that view, but do you have any original insights to bring to our attention?

I find it fascinating that the economy was doing just fine until the Dems took over Congress in 2006. I guess people choose overlook that little factoid.

Its all been said before, hasn’t it? I have insights, but I doubt if I am the first to come up with them

Well, at least try to put some personal spin on things. How have Obama’s policies affected you personally? Have they affected you personally?

That’s a good question.

I have been out of work for six months. I suppose I could say that is Obama’s fault, but unlike your average Liberal, I don’t talk out my ass to score points. Maybe it is his fault, maybe it isn’t. Its anecdotal evidence at best.

I do not like Obama’s POSITION on most issues - social, military, etc. But regarding this thread, the statistics speak for themselves. Unemployment has gone up.

And here is an insight: I find it interesting that nobody takes note of the fact that the economy was doing fine until the Democrats took over Congress in 2006. People keep saying Obama inherited Bush’s mistakes, but Bush was doing okay until the Dems took the Hill. What Obama has done is inflame what the Democrats started.

Well, I guess that’s why the voters gave the House of Reps. back to the Democrats, because Bush was doing such a bang-up job, right?
Uh… LOL, I suppose.
Perhaps more generically, I’d speculate that it takes several years for a president’s economic policies to be felt. Thus the early part of Clinton’s administration was affected by the Reagan and Bush41 policies. The later Clinton years were affected by the early Clinton years. The early Bush43 years were influenced by the later Clinton years. The later Bush43 years were affected by the early Bush43 years (which included starting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan without a corresponding tax rise to pay for them), and Obama is feeling the effects of these policies. We won’t know the outcome of Obama’s early policies, I figure, until the end of his first (possibly only) term.

Look at the stats.
They are why the voters have NOW given the House BACK to the Republicans.

So where are the bills about jobs, as opposed to suspensions they can’t even pass and grandstanding about abortion?

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Your question reveals the real problem, the idea that Government is supposed to create jobs!

Government policy is supposed to create a friendly business atmosphere so that private industry creates jobs. For example: Do you know we have the highest corporate tax rate in the world? Is it any woinder that businesses leave and set up shop in foreign countries?

Government must make America an inviting place to do business, because businesses create jobs.

Yeah, sure. :rolleyes: America is notorious for how it sucks up to corporations and the wealthy and how little they pay in taxes. Nor do tax rates have a great deal to do with where they situate themselves anyway; many communities have given tax breaks and outright handouts to corporations only to see them leave anyway.

Yeah, ask New London, Connecticut how Kelo v. City of New London turned out for them, especially now with Pfizer having closed their New London facility after the Wyeth merger.

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