Life imitates art: Kevin Smith argues with internet messageboard over Clerks 2

On the rotten tomatoes board.

Honestly, I think he handles it pretty well. I’d say that Jay and Silent Bob would go hunt him down if it weren’t for the fact that he IS Silent Bob.


Haw haw haw.

That’s some good threadsmanship.

It’s more like life imitating life that also was imitated by art. Kevin Smith has done thread wars before. Magnolia, anyone?

Yeah yeah yeah. But my thread title was long enough as it is. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s funny stuff. I love how this other twit just kept arguing about the gross and success of his own frickin’ movie.

I take it that he don’t take criticism very well

Getting into a spat with Joel Siegel is one thing (the guy was unprofessional and has millions of viewers). But this? Hardly seems the trouble…

No, he’s just willing to personally defend himself online. In the Magnolia incident, he wrote a negative review of the movie, then got into a flame war with Paul Thomas Anderson supporters.

That wasn’t criticism. That was a self-important twit with minimal reading comprehension skills, pretending to know far more about the business than he really does, trying to get a rise out of Mr. Smith and failing. Of course, anyone who disagrees with said SIT is, by definition, a Smith apologist (or cocksucker - take your pick).

Fuck Jay and Silent Bob. Fuck them up their stupid asses.

Smith apparently harbored a grudge against writer Peter David for quite some time merely because PAD summarized Mallrats as “It’s a movie I would’ve enjoyed if I were still in college.”

I think calling Smith “thin-skinned” isn’t too far off the mark.

I’ve disliked Kevin Smith ever since he appologized to the “Gay community” for things said by Jay in “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”.

Here’s the deal, Fiction writers (scripts/books/etc) are not responsible for what their characters do. If they were, we’d never have a good villian in a story ever again. Any good author will talk about the feeling of characters being beyond their control and taking a life of their own. He should have told them to take it up with Jay.

Scott Foundas of the LA Weekly was asked to leave a C2 screening because of a past negative review of a Smith film.

And here’s more about how sensitive can get to some critics’ comments.

Rotten Tomatoes forums are down for maintenance? Did Kevin Smith’s post end up Farking (or Slash-Dotting, or whatever) them?


Yeah, all in all it’s probably not worth the effort getting into arguments with every SIT on the internet. By the same token, it’s kinda cool that he shows up and defends himself rather than just ignore everything. One guy in that thread mentioned that you don’t see Spielberg or “big” starts getting into flame wars on the internet because “they have class”. But you’ve got to admit, it would be pretty interesting if they did!

And of course I think the guy (KS) writes pretty well and is able to lay out a fairly cogent argument even if you don’t buy it (with some self-deprecating humor thrown in for good measure). And he even cites his sources! I think he’d make a pretty decent Doper. Somebody should show him the secret handshake.

It’s been up and down all day after that thread was linked to on some big sites. Hopefully it won’t disappear altogether.

Maybe if we call him out he’ll show up.
Hey Kevin Smith! Yeah, you! You should be sued for the crap movies you insist on making! You’re dialog sucks llama balls! You’re both French and smell like elderberries!

I’d much rather listen to KS talk (or read his non-script writing) then watch his movies, generally. “An Evening With Kevin Smith” is, I think, his best stuff. Caught him live the second time he came to Toronto. Four solid hours of funny, interesting and deeply personal Q&A with the packed crowd.

Thanks, Jayrot. I’ll check again later.


What’s the reference here? Was he pro- or anti-Magnolia?


(Personally, I liked that movie…)

Found this:

He’s being a bit disingenuous–he didn’t just say he didn’t like the movie, he called his interlocutor “daffy” and said he illustrates the principle “fucking people baffle me.”

Anyway, that’s a bit of a hijack, sorry.