Life Is A Cast Iron Apoidea With An Itch. .


So, for this reason and that, I have not used my cast iron pans for several months until this Saturday just past. I have a cheapo pan of questionable lineage and a Lodge, 10 inch pans, the both of them. Anyway, Saturday comes, use the pans, dinner goes off without a hitch. Food is good, wine is good, the only question(likely easily answered) is why and how Barefoot manages to put out such sweet reds.

At the end of the evening, I’m feeling quite mellow and decide to leave the pans until later, as is my usual practice. The next day, I’m cleaning the pans and preparing to give them a light sheen of oil (remember, these haven’t been used in a few months) for seasoning and when I turned over the Lodge, there was rust. So, wire brush, damp rag, wire brush, damp rag, wire brush, damp rag, dry paper towel lowest heat on the stove top to drive off any remaining moisture, coat with oil, reseason in the oven(this is a process, will take several passes before I am satisfied).

My questions are, has this happened to you? Should I be worried that is might be microbial rust rather than just plain oxidation? How did rust happen anyway? It’s not like the bottom was bare metal. Why the Lodge and not my cheapo pan?

I always use the Bart Response: