Life is a cruel joke for pretty much all living things except for maybe humans.

I’ve been binging a lot of nature shows on Netflix lately.

It has dawned on me, life is a cruel joke for pretty much anything that lives except for humans (and their pets).

Think about it:

If you’re a animal, you’re either going to die in the jaws of another animal, injury, or starvation.

Insects also have all kinds of fucked up ways to die.

Humans, as far as I can tell, are the only ones that have any real chance of dying peacefully and comfortably (relatively speaking).

Kind of a sobering thought when you think about our place in this universe. :slight_smile:

Who’s laughing?


Life’s a bitch and then you get eaten.

The Hyenas?

Polar bears seem to do ok.

“…except for maybe humans.”

I would say especially for humans.

I think the meaning of “life is a cruel joke” is specific to humans. FFS, we thought of it. Not those arrogant aardvarks.

I would say that almost no humans die peacefully and comfortably outside those who are drugged up. Especially those that die of “old age” (which means a slow unstoppable nightmare failure of everything in your body and mind.) The peaceful and comfortable deaths are the ones that happen so quickly and unexpectedly that you don’t know that it happened. A “peaceful and comfortable” death is when someone sneaks up behind you and shoots you in the head while you aren’t noticing.

I read that with Cheech’s voice.

But in all seriousness, if it’s a joke the only ones who might “get it” are humans and possibly God, if you believe in that sort of thing.


**Life is a cruel joke for pretty much all living things except for maybe humans.
Shh! They will find you now. Because you know. Try to stay distracted by the TV or phone or other media, it is your only hope.

It is a good life! It is!

On the plus side, the vast majority of life can’t feel pain. Supposedly only vertebrates can feel physical pain, and supposedly only mammals and birds can feel emotional pain.

So most of the life on earth has no pain. All the single celled organisms, invertebrates, etc.

I get called a pessimist when I point out all the suffering in life. Some people are just desperate to be naive.

Say what? I have never heard this before. How would they know?

Such a pessimist! You’re not seeing that there are so many incredible ways for new life to happen, and there is so much to eat! Unless, of course, you’re in an unfavorable habitat with insufficient food, in which case something else will have so much to eat!

The “animals can’t feel pain” story is a myth people tell themselves to make themselves feel better about the way they treat animals.

“Life is a cruel joke for pretty much all living things except for maybe humans.”

And even then only for some.

Sunspace was responding to a post that mentioned single-celled organisms and invertebrates, which lack any kind of faculties necessary to process pain. There might be subjective, nonphysical pain, but such a phenomenon is without physical evidence and likely non-falsifiable.


Fortunately, (as far as we know), humans are the only species with a sophisticated enough sense of humor to understand the concept of a “cruel joke” both in its ironic, and un-ironic sense. To all other creatures, that’s just life.

This reminds me of a debate I had with my ex. I argued that life for feral cats doesn’t suck, because that’s the only life they’ve ever known. Sure, life would suck for a homeless domestic cat, because they know how awesome it is to live in an air conditioned house and have humans feed them and give them daily massages.

Think not of capacity to suffer but of capacity to reason.

Hunters know this. I laugh when people wish they could be a wolf, or a tiger, or a cheetah, etc. Every kill I’ve hung on a gambrel is riddled with ticks, pests, burrowing critters, and I’ve watched them fall off the animal as it cools. To me, it looks like the life of a woodland creature is nothing but terror, hunger, cold, and constant gnawing pain.

Don’t get me started on the fools who wish they lived in medieval times, the old west, etc.