Life is just so many Yoko Onos

The title says it all.

If it did, I wouldn’t be asking WTF you’re on about, now would I?

That’s deep.

Actually it’s very, very confusing, but that’s close enough to deep for most people.

I believe it was her late husband who said “Life is what happens when you’ve made other plans.”

Which doesn’t actually contradict the OP, come to think of it.

It has inspired at least three songs that I know of.

I am interpreting the OP to mean, “Life is just one big mistake after another”.


Or “Life is just one screechy irritation after another”.

Noise-suppressing headphones; that’s the ticket.

Dont’t forget eyepatches. She may want to show you her artwork.

Do you mean this? Set up by Yoko in Reykjavik’s harbour?

(I so want to turn it into a bat-signal, which might also make sense)

It’s deep as the sea of Yoko.

I could sell your songs to Nike…

Good sleuthing, WormTheRed!

I dunno, the thread kinda reminds me of one of Inigo Montoya’s exuberant non-sequitors. …Like this.

What is Yoko Ono most famous (or, more accurately, infamous) for?

Post #7.

She was married to John Lennon from the Beatles.

Well, she is famous for that, but she is infamous for causing the Beatles’ breakup (whether she deserves this infamy or not is another issue)

What I meant in the OP is that, over the years, and in many situations, I have seen groups of friends slowly disband when people in the group started getting married.

Most of the groups I have been in were mostly male, so it was the incoming women who “caused” the dissolutions. I assume that groups that are mostly female also slowly disband when members get married one by one. Anecdotes welcome.

I was just ruminating on the state of one of my latest group of friends when the title of the OP came to my mind.

I was referring to all the incoming significant others (female and male) that slowly cause groups of friends to disband.

Nigel, is that you?

My son the musician was in a group in high school with three other males and a female keyboardist. One of the boys dated the keyboardist, and after they broke up, another of the boys dated her. The group soon dissolved in acrimony and hurt feelings.

To this day, the other two members of the group continue to refer to the keyboardist as “Yoko.”

I’m pretty sure Michael Jackson did that.

I know that when I say this, I may be stepping on pins and needles…