Life on Mars (2008) Anybody still watching?

So far I have been enjoying this show. Still needs to get a proper chemistry and balance and of course needs to get out from the original’s shadow and become its own show.

I haven’t seen any threads over the last few weeks and am not sure about how well the show is doing. I do have my doubts when it doesn’t seem to get any threads here.

Anyone still watching? Thoughts on this weeks episode?


Yes, but I haven’t seen this week’s episode yet.

Sort of. I think it’s an interesting premise, just weird enough to keep me interested, but with bad to mediocre writing and generally weak acting.

Rose Tyler”. :smiley:

I’m watching it - I enjoy they show. I missed the last few minutes of the show last night so I don’t know what ended up happening to Rose.

I can’t do time travel.

I just saw it for the first time, and I think I’ll keep watching.

I’m definitely watching. It’s one of my favourites. And I haven’t been watching much–if any–drama/scripted television in a few years. The fact that the actor who plays Sam makes me think Very Naughty Thoughts has nothing to do with it.

So that means it should be cancelled in about three weeks. I bring doom.

Basically the same thing Sam told Annie about what he remembered of the red dress.

I actually saw that coming but I have to admit watching Sam’s reaction and realizing what his memory of his mother that night was really about was rather sad.

I’m still unsure whether he is adjusting a little too much to his environment, though, I figured he’d try to pull in more modern methods of police work to aid him each week.

Naming his mother “Rose Tyler” was just too much!!

I’m liking the actor that plays Sam more and more (and more). and always like Harvey Keitel, so yeah, I’m watching.

I’m not as into it as I was the BBC original (John Simm…drool), but I do like it and have been watching it.

This is how I feel. Incidentally, I’ve been trying to search for the threads on the BBC version, and getting just weird database errors instead. Anyone happen to have the links handy? (In particular, I just watched the finale of the BBC version, so the thread on that would be of interest to me)

I’m watching, but I missed last night’s show so I haven’t read this thread yet. I’m hoping I can watch in online and then I’ll come back.

I missed last week’s and watched on ABC’s website.

I’m still on the fence about the show. I want to like this show, but it just hasn’t sold me yet. I’ve never seen the original, so I don’t have that yardstick to measure it by. I do like the premise, and it shows some promise, but like some posters have already said, some of the chemistry seems off (“No-nuts”, the blonde lady police officer, seems like a particularly thin character), and the stories tend to be predictable.

Also, the show just has an costumey & artificial look to it. The street scenes in particular aren’t convincing. It look much too clean for NYC in '73, and wasn’t the hippie thing played out by then?

They’re also not particularly clever with the nostalgic references. And just how many shots of the WTC do we really need to see?

Bottom line - it’s OK, but could be much better.

On the plus side, last night we got to see Jason O’Mara handcuffed naked to a bed. Mmmmmm. :slight_smile:

I really like the potential that this show has. But if it doesn’t start living up to that potential soon I will probably drop it.

I haven’t seen the BBC version, but would love to. Netflix doesn’t seem to carry it. :frowning: Is it on hulu?

I wish they found a better actor for Sam. Harvey Keitel and Michael Imperioli are acting circles around him.

A good example is in this episode is where Imperioli blames him for the dead hooker. O’Mara’s (Sam’s) reaction is hardly convincing. Compare it with how Imperioli reacts when O’Mara later tells him the hooker died because he wasn’t doing his job.

I also don’t like Imperioli as a semi-good guy. I keep hoping he’ll flip out and do something psychotic. He’s really good at that.

Oh, god, yes.