Life's little victories

I’m having a relatively good week, so please indulge me. :stuck_out_tongue:

So far I’m down a pants size since school started a month ago (lugging around a 40-lb backpack while sprinting around campus is a pretty good workout, it seems).

I answered all of my Physics homework questions correctly, which is really good considering I didn’t understand more than 50% of the last homework assignment.

I’m rocking at Microbiology.

I only have 16 classes left to take under I get my B.S. in Microbiology. If I keep it up at 6 classes per semester, I’ll be done in no time.

While I’m nowhere near rich or well-to-do, I finally have some money in the bank so that if my husband, kids and I want to go somewhere or do something, I don’t have to nix it because we’re broke. This is because my little one is finally out of day care.

And the best one is that I haven’t had a depression “episode” since school started. I finally feel like I’m accomplishing something and I’m starting to feel good about myself. Having friends and family (well, in-laws) who are supportive is awesome.

How about you?

Good for you!

You must understand Physics better than you think.

I loved Micro in college. My professor wanted me to change my major, but I compromised by working in her prep lab for 4 semesters.

I’ve outlined my little victory here.

Keep up the great work!

Good on you!

May I brag a little?

I went through my closet and bagged up an entire sack of clothes to go to Goodwill because they’re too big. I’m also taking two or three boxes of books and DVDs to the local used bookstore, trying to lighten the load of possessions before I move to California in December.

Got all my listed chores done yesterday, which is a big deal for me.

Rode my bike to work today, packed my lunch, and even remembered to bring a snack.

I’m starting to exercise more regularly.

I’m also getting serious about studying kanji.

Most importantly though, I had a wonderful date two nights ago.