What have you done recently that you're proud of?

I’m proud of the fact that I’ve been jogging during my lunch breaks at work, two days a week for four weeks now. I’m proud of the fact that I’ve lost a bit of weight and that I’ve learned how to be more frugal over the past year rather than wasting my money as I used to do. I’m also proud of the fact that the sauteed chicken thighs I made the other night with creamy mushroom, garlic and rosemary sauce turned out freakin’ awesome and that the roast potatoes I made to go with them were so good they would have you weeping on your knees on the kitchen floor. :smiley:

So what have you done lately that you’re proud of? Go on, brag a little, it feels good! :slight_smile:

I’m happy that I have spearheaded a local movement to bring easy-to-do green living programs into all the local schools in my county. I have given lectures and talks to children in kindergarden through 5th grade - showing them how they can help protect this planet they live on. The basic premise being to inspire and nurture appreciation of the natural world and to foster a personal environmental ethic while they are young. :slight_smile:

On President’s Day, instead of sitting on my rump, I went and visited people at two nursing homes.

I instituted a plan to be debt free in 3 years.

At work I’ve made a killer instruction sheet that is getting favourable reviews all over the place.

Of course, now they want me to make even more of them…

I did even more exercises this week, and I’m closing in on 15 minutes a morning on the exercise bike I now have in my apartment. (This bike is my regular road bike with its rear wheel supported off the floor in a stand.) I’m actually starting to have buns again!

Since November, I’ve lost 65 lbs… I hope to break my all-time weight loss record of 75 lbs by the 21st of this month when I next see my doctor…

I ended a long job search with a job I actually look forward to. There were a lot of candidates I would have settled for at the end, but not been happy with or proud of. This one is rewarding (at least in the intellectual and social sense) and reasonably flexible.

I’m also making some strides in improving my health, which suffered over the past year for various reasons. I’m not out of the woods yet, but I’ve made some good changes.

While walking along the street on my lunch break today I suddenly noticed a five dollar bill blow along in front of me. When I doubled back to pick it up I noticed a couple of tens, some fives, and some ones also being blown by the wind towards the gutter. I picked it all up and upon looking around I didn’t see anybody who appeared to have recently dropped it.

As I continued walking in the direction I was heading I noticed a security guard for FEMA heading the other way looking very much out of sorts and kind of frantic. I asked him if he was missing anything and he said yes he was missing some money whereupon I gave it all to him and told him I saw it in the street. I suppose I could have simply walked past him and not said anything but I feel better about it this way. :slight_smile:

I’ve nearly got three Rocalli guitar suites in my repertoire now, plus a couple of other movements.

I can’t play them all fluently yet, but it’s definitely better than it was. I can see improvement that I never would have expected.

I’ve lost 7 pounds in about 2 1/2 weeks. All by just changing my diet and reducing my intake, I’m proud that I’ve been sticking with it.

Very cool.

Last year this time I was a couple of thousand dollars in credit card debt with no savings. I gave my credit card to my friend to hold and began paying off the balance. I relapsed some over my brother’s illness and over the holidays, but I kept working it down.

Part of it’s luck and part my tax refunds! but I am credit card debt free and have $3000 in my savings account, not to mention enough to live on this month. I also don’t have any nagging desire to blow the money. I am enjoying the security of knowing I could fix my car if I need to, or take some time off when my current job ends.

I guess I can’t take a lot of credit for it but I am feeling responsible.

I handed my undergraduate dissertation in last week - six months work, ~130 pages and ~25,000 words, the larget thing (by around a factor of ten) I’ve ever written.

Hmmm… I placed 2nd in the Commanding General’s Infantry Trophy Match at the All Army Marksmanship Competition. That was pretty nice.

I volunteered at my child’s school today - I read a book with each child.

I also made my goal finishing time in a half-marathon.

Yeah me!

(1) I made a deal with my teenage cousin that if you she donated $220 to charity, I would send her the XBox 360 that I got free from work and never use. So she did. So I will (this weekend, when I can go to the FedEx store). A win-win-win situation.

(2) I’m down from 3 sodas a day to 1 soda a day, and have stuck to my gradually-increasing-in-intensity exercise plan for several months. The actual weight loss is slow going, but I’m proud of sticking to the plan at least

(3) I was playing in a Magic: The Gathering Online tournament last weekend, and after losing the first round I won 6 straight to make it to the top 8 (out of 256). That felt good.

On Monday I made blood donation #73 to the American Red Cross. . . and my blood pressure was something like 122/72. The lowest it has been in years.

I drove to work. I’ve had a fear of driving ever since I practiced driving for the first time and drove into a telephone pole. I didn’t drive for four years after that, then I took lessons, but this is the first time I’ve driven somewhere by myself.

I saved a paraplegic man from a burning car. Made the papers.

I am also part of an incredicble effort in my church partnering with a very poor church in Costa Rica. We are helping them feed 100 kids every day, and just raised money to help them make their building secure. With the building secure, they now plan to offer the kids education, where the government has failed miserably.

They also have a program that trains prostitutes for jobs.

Makes me smile.

I had essays for all three of my classes due this week, and I finished them all. I think they were all pretty good too.

The day after my essays were due I was supposed to have read a play, Mother Courage and her Children, for my lit class. However, the only copy I could find was in German (one of my several abandoned languages). I managed to read the first scene before I ran out of time. Later that day, I found out that I might be spending my summer working in Koln! So that was kind of a cool reward.

There has to be a great joke in here somewhere, but I got nuthin.

Seriously, congratulations on your achievements.

How about… “Meter Maid”?

Seriously, congrats.

As for me, I was all set to boast about my 50 lbs. lost from May through January, but dayum, Lips_Obsession has got me beat so bad I think I’ll go eat a box of Twinkies. (…not!)

I have gone from my parents nagging me every time they see me with “You’re getting so fat, you’ve got to go on a diet” to them saying, “You can’t lose any more weight, my God you’re getting thin!” (I’m still a bit over 190 lbs. and at around 16.5% body fat, so while I would say I’m now maybe a bit beyond being in reasonable shape and borderine being “fit”, I’m certainly not wasting away…)