Toot Your Own Horn Thread

These days since I’m mentally ‘well,’ I like to find things I’ve accomplished that seemed impossible six months ago, but now point to my having a successful life again.

That said, I’ve now been learning how to (and actually doing it!) cook. This past Friday I entered a Bake Off at the Senior Center where I work and amazingly, I won second place for my cookie division (bars – I made Cheesecake Squares)! I’m still pretty much in shock and had to share it with someone. Betty Crocker beware.

So what have you Dopers done lately that you’re proud of? Come in here and post about and let me praise you for jobs well done. :slight_smile:

Well I’ve re-joined the Gym and am going quite regularly. I’m sort of proud of that. But I still haven’t quite changed my diet or added decent cardio (for me - walkng a lot) so I’m not losing weight yet.

But Joining the Gym is a start.

I stopped drinking.

That’s wonderful Lobsang! Hang in there and you can do it.

My poor hard done by home is getting cleaned -at least- once a week these days

My dishes are getting washed twice a week or more!!!

I am doing some sort of activity EVERY day of the week

I am teaching 3 kids to sew and cook and they and their parents value what I am doing (up until 12 months ago I had no value - in my eyes anyway - and had nothing to offer anyone in anyway - not even myself).

I recently got a very small job (You’ll love this) making dresses for ducks! My employer has said he has found a treasure - me! he was talking about me! An example of the sort of thing I will be doing:

I have not self harmed for 12 months

madrabbitwoman, as someone whose been there, all I can say is that’s amazing! Keep up the good work and you’ll go far from where you were.

And it’s been a year, huh? Too terrific.
Something else I’ve done is host a party this past weekend. I haven’t done that in over a decade, so I’m astonished that it went off without a hitch and everyone had a good time. Halloween this year is the bestest ever!!

I’m proud of your accomplishments too, faithfool!

I’m proud of the blog I started. I have practically no readers besides a few friends that I badger into reading it, but I haven’t written this type of work for years now, basically column-writing, and it feels good. At the very least we can save it in our own computer archive as a record, of sorts, of our family!

I got all my wedding invitations printed and assembled… and I’m almost done addressing them. And it was all in one day!

I paid off a significant (to me, anyway) outstanding bill today. It wasn’t big enough to cause me life changing problems, but it was big enough to lurk in the back of my mind for the last few months.
Now it’s gone!:slight_smile:

I signed up to be a bone marrow donor, something I’ve meant to do for years but never managed to follow through on. I’m all registered and have submitted cheek swabs and I’m just waiting for a call.

Wow everyone, that’s so superb!

Ellen: Keeping up with a blog is hard work and I’m sure those who read appreciate your efforts. Just keep doing what you do.

Serenata: Very good. When I had to do that with mine, it seemed to take forever. But to get it all done in one day? Excellent job!

Jimmy: Being debt free, even if it’s just for one credit card, is a beautiful thing. Congratulations.

needscoffee: I’ve been meaning to do that as well. You’re a super person for taking the next step and actually just waiting for a call. We need more folks like you.
And to anyone reading out there but not posting, tell me what great things you’ve accomplished lately. I’d love to hear it.

I did my GRE, and I did okay. Not spectacular (1330) but good enough to stay competitive. I never properly learned math, so the math was an uphill battle. I studied for hours every day for a couple of months. I didn’t do awesome, but I think I did good enough. I’m not usually a very determined person, so it is a good feeling to have followed through with something.

Now on to grad school applications!

I’m fairly hungover. Is that an accomplishment? It means I had to drink a lot of bourbon.

I actually make a six figure salary working for myself from home

I’m renovating our family room, at night and on weekends, and it’s turning out great. It’s our first big project in the new house, the one we’re going to be in until they take us out feet first, so I want to make sure everything is done perfectly and the workmanship is pro-level quality. And it’s turning out that way, so I’m really satisfied. I can’t wait until it’s done and the new furniture is delivered and I can stand in the middle of the room and look around and be proud of what I accomplished.

I’m letting myself fall in love. Does that count?

I googled myself the other day and found that a new (well, 2008) book cites one of my articles. Glad to see somebody read the bugger.

Wow, that’s great Stu! Congratulations!

Rascal’s Mom I’m not faithfool, but I’d say it counts. I also want to know more. Spill it, sister! :wink:

For several years, my total cholesterol number floated around in the low 200’s. That’s not horrible, but it’s not ideal, either, as it’s supposed to be below 200. Worse, though, were the blood triglycerides: every time I’d ever been tested, they were off the chart high (over 400), when the target is less than 150. A few days ago I got the results from a recent general physical. Total cholesterol: 159. Triglycerides: 137.

I think it’s mostly from trying to eat better and the exercise that naturally comes from chasing babies and toddlers around the house and lifting them up multiple times per day. No workout regimen required.

Taking it slow and getting to know each other. He’s the first guy I’ve ever known (and I am no young 'un) that has taken the time to get to know ME. I am afraid to trust again, but he’s doing everything right to make it easier.

Thanks for asking.

I’m just great in general.