Light bulb removal

There’s a burnt out bulb in the bathroom that is so tightly flush with the recessed can coping thing that I can’t get it out. Its a flat faced mini-spot light type of bulb, in a recessed plastic housing. I can’t get my fingers between the housing and the edges of the bulb, and using my fingers on the surface doesn’t give enough purchase to turn it. It has 5 little glass protrusions along the edge, and I’ve tried to pull and push on those with my fingernails and with some popsicle sticks, to no avail.

Any advice?

I have no advice for removing it but I would make sure I had a face mask or safety glasses on in trying. You are likely to need to get pretty rough with it.

Make sure the power is off to the fixture and put tape over the switch and a note telling people to KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF THIS SWITCH.

Our building maintenance uses a suction cup on a extendable stick. :o

Have you tried rubber gloves? It might give you a better grip on the part of the bulb that’s exposed and would also offer some protection if the bulb breaks. A small suction cup might work, but that’s not a common household item.

Just use some Crazy Glue and stick a little handle on the front of the bulb. It’s burned out, so it’s not like you’re going to ruin it or anything. Anything will do, even a small block of wood; whatever you have at hand.

Thanks all. Tried the rubber gloves, no go. Couldn’t find a suction cup. Crazy Glue worked! (Used a rubber tire from my son’s broken toy truck.) Thanks QED.

Failing that you should be able to (carefully) prise the luminary from the ceiling that will allow you to grip the neck of the bulb and twist it out.

Apply a trace of petroleum jelly to the contacts of the new bulb before fitting.

Do make sure that the unit is unpowered before attempting to fit the new bulb - those little buggers get very hot instantly and WILL burn your fingers badly before you can remove them

Ah well, just that bit too slow!

There is a small rubber suction cup made to remove these.
Try a hardware or a lighting store.
Many lamps with these type of bulbs come with them.

You might try cutting a potato in half and pushing it down on the glass shards and turning it.

Just a thought.



No, dear Og. Not this again.

So now we know how many Dopers it takes to change a light builb…

That’s for a broken bulb, not one of those pesky ones that fit so perfectly in its recess that you can’t… Oh, wait. You meant smash it first, didn’t you?

:smiley: No. Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt though. Actually, I just hadn’t read closely enough. :smack: