Lighting matches in the bathroom?

Does lighting a box of matches in the bathroom neutralise the foul air?

I don’t know about neutralizing it, but it does mask it.

Don’t know about that, but we used to have fun with matches in the bathroom at college. What you do is when your roommate is in the shower, you fill the toilet bowl with lighter fluid. Then shut off the lights and close the door as if you’re leaving, but don’t. When he gets out to turn the light back on, light the match and fling it in the toilet. This is best done the morning after a drinking binge.

Methane would be combusted, presumably.

You’ve gotta light the whole box? Dude, what did you eat?

I think x-ray vision is right, burning the chemicals in the head of the match simply mask your nasty odor. Huerta88, methane combustion would have no effect on the smell, since methane is odorless, but if you held the match close enough…but that’s a different thread.

I thought the distinctive odor of a fart was sulfur, not methane. So lighting a match would have little or no effect.

Well, lighting an entire box would, certainly…

…but I was raised in a home where each bathroom (4) was always equipped with a small basket or large snifter of matchbooks (from all over the globe - my Mom collected matchbooks). The rule of the house was to light three or four matches after doing your deuces because the smell of the matches would - um - neutralize? - the smell of the - um - smell that might be remaining in the air.

Some of my friends also had similarly equipped bathrooms, so when I visited and had to do number two I used the matches. Some homes weren’t so equipped and so I just let it slide.

After I went away to college I didn’t take the habit with me - nor did I collect matchbooks (almost a thing of the past now anyway). As far as I know, however, my Mom continued the routine and there were always matchbooks in her bathrooms up until the day she died.