Lightning: Burns going down, but wait 'til it comes out.

Remember that line from Braveheart? “And if he were here, he’d consume the English with fireballs from his eyes, and bolts of lightning from his arse.”

A woman in Australia has performed a surprising and unexpected reenactment of this.

Is it horrible of me to think that the jokes are presently writing themselves?

My ass felt like that after I ate Thai food.

You’re late by a bit over an hour:

Well, yeah … but … mine has a Braveheart quote. Mel Gibson, man! I mean, y’know, before all the anti-semitism.

Hey, each thread links the other as prior thread!

Is this the SDMB incarnation of “how do you keep a moron occupied” or something?

No, it’s the SDMB version of, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg”?

Some of my uncles would like to have white lightning on tap…

Isn’t that where that stuff comes from in the first place?

Somewhere deep in the bowels of Merck, and evil scientist wonders if a joint venture with a power utility could develop a technology to reproduce this effect through a device in a physician’s office. He wonders how much they could over-charge the HMOs for this new ‘treatment’ for colon cancer…

Now if it had happened to a man named Cass…

There once was a man named Cass
Whose balls were made of brass
When they tinkled together
They played “Stormy Weather”
And lightning shot out of his ass.