Lightning, Thunder And Rain - In Las Vegas Now!

Boy, is this rare!

Lightning and thunder and a nice little downpour!
Of course, if it keeps up, we are in for trouble (flooding a major issue here with any real measurable amounts of rain.)

Still, this happens so rarely that it is quite nice to see - wish I didn’t have to get in my car and drive to work now - that will NOT be so pleasant (oily slick roads, gully washers to avoid driving through - otherwise your car will be swept down hills…)

“…I’m singing in the rain, just singing in the rain…”

Maybe it’ll add that extra quarter-inch or so that you could use on Lake Meade. :slight_smile:

Yeah, Vegas is fun when it rains! Instant torential rivers where you least expect them, trash and everything not bolted down running down the street. People would die!

I used to live on the low end of Trop and would have a nice lake form in front of my apartment.

I’d go off-roading when it dryed up and wouldn’t hardly recognize the landscape.

The weather gods are angry with Prince Harry.

Vegas usually has the sunny weather that attracts tourists, and I can’t help but think of the tourists in town for a few days when mother nature produces a thunder storm with torrential rain or the occasional high winds becoming a dust storm. They must be thinking along the lines of “what the f#@*?”

I love storms. Wouldn’t bother me as a tourist at all. Give me a porch and a pot of tea and I’ll hang out all day.

I’ll be in LV in a week. Tell it to knock off with the rain and keep it down to 90 too while it’s at it, OK? :cool:

I was in Vegas at the Green Valley Ranch for a meeting about seven or eight years ago. It was mid-summer, extremely hot, and about 20 of us were in the pool trying to keep cool. We could see a front approaching (like the one in the OP) so we gathered up our clothes and drinks and went inside. We all put on shirts and sat down and continued our conversation, while all the local employees while all the employees stood at the windows, mouths agape, watching it rain. It was kind of amusing.

I used to live in Vegas and still have a lot of friends there. I can always tell when it rains because every single status update will be about it. Every single one.

And I hated the rain. Well, I didn’t hate the rain itself, I just hated that non one knew how to drive in it and the roads are slick as hell with oil.

Every time it rains, my neighbors and I all stand on our front porches and watch the water come down. I used to live in Florida, and I miss the daily rain. Until you’ve gone a couple of years without seeing water fall from the sky, you just can’t understand how cool it is.

Your wish will come true. Well, the no rain part at least…can’t guarantee the 90 degrees unless you are talking about early morning temperatures.


We were way low on rainfall, and this single day of fairly heavy downpour made up for every drop we were missing this year. We are now at “normal” rainfall this year.

Yeah, family and friends back east and in Europe laugh when I describe college students at school seeing rain and suddenly all getting up and going to the windows to watch this odd stuff falling from the skies. They just stare at it like Hawaiians would stare at snow falling on Waikiki.

But it’s over. Slight (meaning none) chance of rain today, but then sunny and hot as far as the weather forecast can predict…