Summer Thunderstorms

Rumbling in from offshore. I actually welcome it as we have had too many sunny days, and the lawn looks kinda parched. I hire that out so income goes to family.

There is something relaxing about taking a nap during a thunderstorm, have done it while camping many times while trapped reading a book and listening to the BBC. A gentle rain shower upon the canopy was always soothing.

Off to watch Fear The Walking Dead since I am safe and sound, and just because I can.

Have a great next week everyone. PEACE. :slight_smile:

I know I’m in the minority, but I don’t like thunderstorms. The thunder startles me. And I can’t stand being outside in them.

I’m sending you another one tonight from the opposite lakeshore. Here it comes…

Apocalyptic, wrath-of-God thunderstorms are one of my favorite things about living in the Houston area. There’s been rather a shortage of them this summer, however. At least the chances are up a bit for the next few days.

I’m in.

I experienced a big wind/thunderstorm camping at Devil’s Tower. It was a neat but scary at the same time. Really neat getting to see Devils Tower getting lit up by the lightning, but scary because the campground is full of big old cottonwoods just ready to shed branches in severe weather.

We used to go to a spot in Yosemite overlooking Hetch Hetchy to catch the sunset and often times we could see thunderstorms going off to the high Sierras to the east. The storms were far away and we couldn’t hear thunder, just flashes of light here and there on the far horizon.

I miss the Maine coast, where there was a wonderful storm every evening in the summer, it seemed.

Texas has some lovely storms, but most are off in the distance for me. I did think there were fewer this year than last.

I miss rainy days, long slow steady rains.

We’ve had a good Monsoon season this year. Probably 4-5 serious thunderstorms over the last month or so.
Unfortunately, they make one of our dogs apoplectic, which means I need to sleep downstairs with her, so my wife can get some sleep.
Also, our neighbor is getting some new construction done, and the idiot contractor didn’t put down tarps on their exposed roof, so they got water damage from three of the storms. I went up on his roof to help him put down plastic, but the wind was so intense that we couldn’t get the plastic to stay down.

Something like 20 persons were swept away and drowned in flash flooding at Albert Pike state park in Arkansas in 2010. Don’t mean to harsh on your thunderstorm love.

In this season we have one everyday. They last about 20 minutes. But is an intense rain.

If there is thunder, the dog freaks.

Yep, and there are 30,000+ traffic fatalities annually in the U.S. alone but people will still post about their love of cars.

I like thunderstorms too, Cabin_Fever.

I pretty much have to drive a car. I don’t have to go camping. Just saying.


You are not being harsh. Seek safety and high-ground shelter, but once there, distant thunder and sprinkles upon the leaves and tent add a certain cache to the day was what I was referring to.

(I am familiar with with flash flooding. From the washes in Arizona to Tropical Storm Allison and Katrina on the Gulf Coast.)
I did not not know about the event in Arkansas. My heart goes out to all. Thanks for the reminder that our earth can sustain us and kill us in one swift motion.

It is already here. You must have magical powers, lol. Just off the coast and headed this way. My cat and I thank you as we will sleep peacefully tonight. At least I will. :cool:

I would have liked one yesterday. Had a long Saturday, and got home Sun late morning. I had lots to do outside, and just kept blowing it off (I have about 10 yards of gravel that needs to be moved). It stayed sunny, and I said the heck with it, grabbed a beer and my guitar and just noodled away on it on the deck. Trying to learn Scarborough Fair.

I like thunderstorms, but I prefer if the wind stays below 50. I live in a state that is 78% forest, so high wind means downed trees and traffic delays and power outages and the cleanup from all of the branches coming off of the woodlot behind me. I live in the third largest ‘city’ in the state and we’re still at 61% forest cover. So, no thanks to the high wind.

Just an update: The T-storms came through last night, early this morning. Most of the lightning was apparently off-shore but for some sick reason I enjoy the rumbles of thunder. When I lived in Houston it was almost a summer daily occurrence. Here, not so much.

By the way, I sort of, kind of, celebrated Musicat sending another summer shower our way by having a few shots of 1800 while watching the lightning off in the distance. The fraidy-cat has yet to be seen. Probably still hiding under the bed. :wink:

Southern Oregon had a great thunderstorm in mid-July, but it was followed by six weeks of choking smoke from all the forest fires. Kind of spoils the fun.

I am also one of those people who love the sound of thunder and find it calming. And yes, reading during a thunderstorm all snuggled up somewhere is one of the best things.

Let me deviate and share something odd.

In Michigan, one does not want it to be raining while driving on the interstate. One minute - absolutely nothing, not even a drizzle. The next - violent downpour so shitty everyone slams on their brakes and goes from 70+ to 30 in three seconds flat. Thirty seconds later, sunshine and no drizzle. The speed limit resumes. (I’m always amazed people in Michigan don’t get in more accidents.) Nothing like this ever happened in Florida.