How do you feel about violent thunderstorms?

We had a doozy last night. I enjoy them myself.

I love them, myself, one of the few things I enjoy about summer. Though some years ago, at 1 a.m. I switched on the Weather Channel on TV and saw on the radar a SOLID wall of red (indicating a wowser of a storm) heading right for my city. There was an ear-splitting crack, then the wrath of god descended as I’ve never seen before or since. (and then we were without electricity for over a week).

Love 'em.

My high school girlfriend got incredibly horny during thunderstorms, which doubtlessly contributed to my love of 'em.

I hate them. I don’t like the idea of losing electricity. They’re quite rare in Phoenix, thankfully.

I LOVE 'em. And Skald, I thought you were never going to tell anyone

Rhymers cannot be trusted, as the RhymerFaq makes clear.

As long as they don’t produce tornadoes I love em.

Ah Skald. Any retort in a storm…

Provided the water isn’t coming into my house and the lightening isn’t sooo close I’m worried about getting hit, I LOVE them. Love seeing the lightening, love hearing the loud thunder (the dogs don’t like it). I’ll sometimes sit in my garage for a few minutes, but usually the humidity gets to me after a while.

I find them exciting, just not the type of exciting 6ImpossibleThingsB4Breakfast does :slight_smile: They’re fun to watch, and a little dangerous, and you never know if it’ll knock the power out. That’s exhilarating.

Love them - but by “outside” I mean in the garage with all the doors open, front and back, so I can get the full effect but stay somewhat dry.

Stop it! This response makes me love you slightly more, and as everyone knows I have a very small heart. Now I know longer love the music of Christina Aguilera.

Jeez, elfkin - fun to watch, a little dangerous, and you never know if it’ll knock the power out - and you don’t think you get the same excitement from them that I do…?

Skald, as it has always been, it’s not the size of your heart that’s ever mattered to me. And I know that in saying that you love me slightly more depends on the weather.

In my area’s climate, big lightning storms are like a carnivorous dinosaur. There’s inconvenience and danger involved with their very presence, and you don’t really want them hanging around constantly…but still, I have to admit that it’d be neat to see them in person more often. Even that I wish I could.

I said I love them but stay inside, but there have been a couple of instances where they’ve scared me shitless. I once had to drive home in the worst lightning storm I have ever seen before or since, and that is the most afraid I’ve ever been in my life. On another occasion, my house was struck by lightning while I was in it. Now I only enjoy thunderstorms if they’re not at Level 10 on a scale of God’s Implacable Wrath, or if I’m in a big building where I don’t fear the lightning hitting me.

Net gain.

Right now, after 34 voters, I’m one of two who say we don’t like them but can tolerate them if we’re inside.

The choice I would have picked if it had been there would be: I have a healthy respect for lightning and have seen the damage it can do and I want no part of being struck by it. Inside is the best way I can avoid that.

Until I had lightning strike a tree in the back yard and blow out a modem inside the house, fully 50-100 feet away, I was more tolerant of storms; there were days when I’d even chase storms in the car!

My mother and a mother-in-law were terrified of storms and would scream after a nearby strike. I must have inherited some of that dread, because if the radar shows one is near and approaching our area, I will power down the computer, disconnect the modem and follow TV coverage until it’s too close even for the TV to be on.

As the thunder gets closer I begin counting the time between strikes and thunder, dreading that the next one will be near me.

If there’s a lot of wind, or hail, or torrential rain, I’m even more leery of the lightning.

Y’all can have my share of violent weather – all varieties.

I love storms. TheKid, when she was little, was petrified of storms. One early evening, when she was around 6, a very nasty storm front moved through just to the west of us. We sat outside, watched it pass with it’s thunder, lightning, green sky, wall cloud formation.
It changed her.
We’ve gone through tornadoes less than a mile away at the cabin. We’ve played in downpours. We’ve sat with our noses pressed to the windows while storms battered our house.

What lovely things to have done with her Miss Take. She’s one lucky Kid to have someone like you there, with her, facing the fear. Touche!