the rain:love it or not?

It is raining here now; has been for hours.
It is so nice.
Sometimes it even smells nice.
We can sit on our covered porch and watch it, and its almost peaceful.
SO much better than snow.
Since it is about 79 degrees here, its comfy to sit outside in the rain.

Who else here likes rain?
Who hates it?

Loooove it! We had an unusually rainy spring and summer here (so far), and I couldn’t be happier. Well, I could be happier, if we had even more rain. :slight_smile:

I like it when I’m not under it. Otherwise, hate.
Sometimes the sound is good. Sometimes it adds mood to the place. It clears the air for a better view of the scenery.

But all that is outweighed by the overwhelming desire to not get wet.

It is so nice.
Yes, it is. My favorite, actually, is when there are really dark gray storm clouds and it is very windy and the clouds are hauling ass through the sky and the cool breeze is blowing trees everywhere - but it’s not yet raining. That’s my favorite. Sometimes, right before it rains, the weather is perfect!

Sometimes it even smells nice.
I think that’s Ozone, you’re smelling.

SO much better than snow.
Definitely!!! But I hate snow.

Since it is about 79 degrees here, its comfy to sit outside in the rain.
I hate when it’s really hot out and the rain just makes the humidity go through the roof. Instead of cooling things off, it turns the outside into a sauna!! I hate that.

Love, love, LOVE the rain. Just moved to the Seattle area, and can’t wait for the rainy winter season!! The best sound in the whole world is rain on the roof.

I love it. The fiercer the better.

There’s nothing cooler than a storm where the thunder shakes your windows, the lightning almost blinds you, and the wind sounds like the mournful wail of a banshee as it whips past your house.

Preach it Brother and/or Sister! I play a thunderstorm CD everynight to lull me to sleep.

I like it, it generally does cool things off here in S Florida. I wish I had a covered patio though, so I could enjoy it more.

A perfect “burrow under the covers with your thumb in your mouth” day is when it’s rainy and cold outside.

Rain is also good if you have a porch or a balcony and you can sit there and watch it.

Rain is bad if you have to drive in it. It’s bad when it’s a day off and you were planning on going to the park. It’s bad if you have to dress up and have your hair nice. It’s bad when you’re caught in an unexpected downpour without an umbrella, and you have another three blocks to walk.

I’m in New Mexico and we are required by law to not just like rain, but to love it. This means that if you’re in a store and look out to see a downpour, you are not allowed to grouse about how wet you and your groceries are going to get on the way to the car. If you’re at a bus stop and the bus isn’t due to arrive for another fifteen minutes, you have to grin wryly at any fellow sodden commuters and say, “We sure can use it.” Even if you discover your roof has a leak (and it probably does; you just haven’t noticed because it never rains), you have to be cheerful while you’re finding a bucket.

It’s the law.

My home has a galvanised iron roof and the sound of a heavy storm is magic- it is a bit noisy when it hails though.

I adore rain, no matter when or how it happens.* True, it’s more fun if I happen to be prepared with an umbrella in a real gullywasher but even then I don’t mind getting wet. I even rather enjoy driving in the rain, with the sole exception of blinding downpours where visibility is nil. Heck, I even love camping in the rain, which is fortunate since all I have to do is put the tent in the car for it to pour. (I’m very good at slinging a tarp as a rainfly.)
It rained here last night several times, fairly hard but straight down. I had every window in the place open. I went out to sit in the porch swing to enjoy the storm. Everything smelled so fresh and green. There ain’t much more beautiful than listening to rain and watching it lit up by street lights. Pure bliss.

  • Okay, I exaggerated. I don’t particularly enjoy is tropical summer rain, where the air is so saturated and steamy anyway it just sort of spontaneously pees on you even when the sun’s out, then proceeds to steam even more. I could never hack living in New Orleans, Florida, etc.


As long as I don’t have to drive in it, it’s great.

I love the feeling of rain coursing down my face. There are only two times that I don’t like it:

  1. When I’m driving, and it’s raining so hard that I can almost not see the road. It looks like someone is pouring buckets of water over my windshield. At this point, I generally try not to drive if I can at all avoid it.

  2. When it thunders: Although I don’t mind thunder, my dog has recently become terrified of it and I hate seeing her so distressed.

I have pretty much the same feeling. Driving in rain tends to stress me much more than driving does at any other time. But otherwise I love hearing rain on the roof, and walking in it, under an umbrella. (He typed, in the middle of a day that must have gotten into the 90’s and no hint of rain in sight at all. :()

It depends. If it’s been raining for a week and everyday is grey and overcast, then I don’t like it. Also, if it’s humid and sticky and the rains more like a misting, that sucks to. But if it’s raining hard and every drop beating down makes a sound like a drumroll then I love it. It’s sort of romantic :stuck_out_tongue: . Makes me wish I had a screened in porch and rocking chair so I could watch it. Sigh…

LOOOOVE it. I was born in Washingon state, moved to Alaska when I was 11, spent 34 years there.

So used to it, and love it so much, that when other Alaskans complain about how “rainy” the summer has been, I’m like “rain?? what rain? it’s only drizzling”. :smiley:

Love it. Especially w/ Rain-X on my windshield.

Looove it…! Always have, always will.
Will someone come on a little trek with me…into the wonderful world of smelling the rain after it has stopped?

How can one really appreciate the rain, until they smell it upon the world after the storm has passed?

***M.M. Phlosphr July 2004. ***

Love it-as long as I’m not out in it (slogging back and forth between classes back in college was a treat!)

Whenever it would rain in the summer time, my friends and I used to take long walks (as long as it wasn’t thundering), and stomp through the puddles. (Yes, even in high school!)

Plus there’s something soooo cozy about being curled up in bed while the rain is thudding on the roof.