Lights and TV

Why are there little streaks across the television screen when lights in the same room are opened or closed?

The flare could have been planned (with a special lens it’s “artsy”) or, if it bothers you and draws attention from what you should be paying attention to it could be a lack of planning.
Light leaking into the lens without a hood to shield it.

Tony: what kind of lights do you have that you open or close? My lights, in my home, turn off and on. My window shades open and close. Are you on drugs? If you are getting light from the windows it is because the TV screen is made of glass and reflects light. If you are talking about what you are seeing in the movie or show you are watching then I will have to agree with Doug Bowe.

If you mean electric lights, the streaks are due to fluctuations in power caused by turning on the light. Same thing happens when you run a vacuum cleaner.

Or are you seeing the black bar between frames from the raster scan?

One complete set of morals for sale to highest bidder, new in box.

Or perhaps glare from a light (or from sunlight through a window) on the television screen?

RealityChuck answered my question. I was talking about the “interference” on the screen when a light is opened, or a vacuum cleaner, blender, hair-dryer etc. is used. The interference I’m talking about is the little static streaks that temporarily show up on the screen (or any other similar thing).

No offense, Tony, but I think it means you have an old-ass TV.

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Or it could mean your precocious young daughter is about to dissappear into the void, and you’ll need a midget to get her back…

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