Like a Phoenix rising from Arizona...A 'Seinfeld' reunion?

Of course there was the ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ reunion of ‘Seinfeld,’ but now it appears there’s a new project in the works, according to Jerry:

“It’s a secret project,” that will be “shortish,” is coming “very, very soon,” and involves Larry David behind the camera in some capacity.

Just putting that out there, and let’s start the insanity!

(Any thoughts on what it might be?)

Seinfeld and Jason Alexander were also spotted at Tom’s Diner (used as the exterior shots for Monk’s) recently.

Super Bowl commercial is my guess.

In the story linked, he says it’s not a Super Bowl commercial.

Then goes on to say it’s not *not *a Super Bowl commercial either. So who knows…

I’ve been pondering this, and I think it’ll probably be a short piece for the Super Bowl, but not a commercial, per se. Maybe something for the pre-game or halftime show.

I remember after Seinfeld ended and Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Michael Richard’s new shows all failed quickly, Tom Shales suggested in the Washington Post that they just do a reunion show with the same the cast except for Jerry Seinfeld, and call the show “Where’s Jerry?” (This was before Michael Richard’s racist rant and Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s successful sitcoms (first The New Adventures of Old Christine and then Veep).

I’m guessing a short online video on his Comedians Getting Coffee web site.

In the linked story, he claims it’s not for that.

I guess he mumbled when he said that cause it was exactly that :slight_smile: